Pay-Per-Click Tips For Advertising Your Small Business With Less Chills

Pay-Per-Click advertising as a way to get your business message out with instant visibility with keywords chosen by you that match your business category. 

When you have a well setup PPC advertising campaign, you are sure to have clicks on your ads that show up on search engines like; Google, Bing/Yahoo. This works differently than SEO, as you traffic will cost you per click to your website. 

20 Top Sites For Guest Blogging Topics: SEO, SMO, Web Design and Marketing

If you like writing and want to publish your unique content on other sites, I have researched and wrote for a couple sites that might be of value to your business. Guest blogging can help you create powerful high authority niche links to your website. 

With millions of sites out there, its hard to know where to promote your article to the masses.These sites will accept topics like SEO, SMO, Digital marketing and web design as part of their content.