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  • Length of the article entry should be a minimum of 1500 - 4000 words.

  • Articles should be submitted in text format (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, etc. No PDF)

  • Articles can include up to 2 - 4 images in the article, and 1 image for the article publication header (Images need to be in .jpeg .gif, or .png format and at least 1500px). All Header images are "1200X800".

  • Article Submissions must include: Author’s Name, Company name, Address, Email, and Brief Bio of Author (No more than 100 words).

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Topics You Can Guest Contribute

  • Online Marketing: On-page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Needs Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Website Analysis, Reporting Methods.

  • Digital Marketing: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing

  • Public Relations: Celebrity PR, Crisis Communications, Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Web Design: Responsive Web Design, User Interface Design, Website Audit, 3D Web Design.

  • Web Development: Django Development, Drupal Development, Wordpress Development, Web Development.

  • Mobile: iPhone App Development, Android App Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile Web Development.

  • Web Hosting: Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Co-location, Shared Web Hosting, Re-seller Hosting.

  • Payment Processing: Credit Card Processing, Merchant Services, Micro Payment Solutions, High Risk Merchant Accounts.

  • Business Services: Payroll Processing, Recruiting, Human Resource Consulting, Tax Management, Employee Benefits.

  • Fraud and Security: Chargeback Prevention, EMV Compliance, Fraud Detection, PCI Compliance.

  • Entrepreneurship: Life hacks, motivation, inspiration, Quoted articles, work life balance, strategy, public speaking

Terms & Conditions

  • Author agrees to provide one (1) or more Articles each month starting from the Effective Date. (Applies to Content Promotions Only)

  • Publisher agrees to provide the Author with a biography and one permanent link to a preferred network within the body of the biography.

  • The term of this Agreement shall begin on the Effective Date and continue on a month to month basis thereafter until cancelled or terminated as provided herein ("Term"). Cancellation or termination of this Agreement can be made by the Author after the first twelve (12) calendar months with a written notice.

  • Author grants permission to include his/her editorials (the “Article”) to the Publisher, or any sites within the Publisher’s network, as well as any future publications associated with the Publisher. Author agrees by submitting an Article(s) to Publisher that is the Author’s original work, and that the article is not owned by any third party, that the Article is accurate, that the article has not been obtained by unlawful means, that the Article has not been previously published in any manner or medium with the exception of the author’s personal website or blog, or in the public domain, specifically including but not limited to, print or electronic means, and that publication of the article will not violate any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party. You further warrant that no material infringes or violates any personal property rights or contains defamation, invades anyone’s privacy, not libelous, and does not contain libel. The Author Also declares the Article(s) to be accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.

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