Top Best Call Recording Software Solutions

These call recording software solutions have been tested and rated by more than 100 businesses and recommended to efficiently streamline your call recording efforts, be it at a small, medium or enterprise.

talkdesk software

Talkdesk Call recording Software can be customized to: start and stop recordings during a call and select the call types to record (inbound, all calls, billing calls, new agents, etc). Talkdesk software is a cloud-based call center, so no phones, hardware, coding or downloads needed. The only things needed are a computer and internet connection. You can make and receive calls on the go and listen to call recordings from anywhere. 

Virtual Call center.png

Five9 software makes any call center agent more productive about 300% more productive. Five9 Call Center Software enables agents to make more calls and be more effective on the phone. Smart Dialing gives agents more time with live prospects. Intelligent Routing gets calls to the right agent through the system. Five9 on Screen Caller Info puts customer information at the agents fingertips and everything is automatically logged to a CRM system. 

PhoneBurner software is a Power Dialer and Sales Acceleration platform with Call Recording. PhoneBurner platform helps any company reach about 447% more customers per hour, without any additional software. Use this CRM to manage and sort prospects in efficient new ways, or integrate with Salesforce or your own CRM. Create custom dialer buttons to streamline workflow, instantly leave voicemails and send emails all in real-time. Track email opens and attachment views. Call recording. Local ID. Call tracking and many more features. 

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