Top Best Compensation Management Software Solutions

These compensation management software solutions have been tested and rated by more than 100 businesses and recommended to efficiently streamline your compensation efforts - small to enterprise.

Compease software is a comprehensive, automated salary administration program that includes expert compensation consulting, current salary market data, easy to use software, and annual updates. Compease helps maintain accurate and competitive pay rates, customized to your labor market and industry, with managed merit increases and compensation budgets.

QCommission software is a flexible sales commission solution. It calculates your sales people's compensation accurately, quickly, and professionally. QCommission  can be integrated with SalesForce, QuickBooks and other accounting software solutions, but can also operate as a stand alone product. QCommission allows the compensation administrator to calculate any commission plan: flat rates/amounts, tiered rates, quota based rates, product commissions, customer based credits, profit based, unit based, splits, overrides, bonus, draws, and many other configurations based on your companies functions.

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