Top 5 Facts About SEO That will Make You Scream Out Loud

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of search marketing to increase your website's visibility online. Understand SEO, and know why you need it as a form of marketing.

You can get continuous traffic to keep your business afloat. When considering SEO, try not to concentrate on doing the things everyone is doing, be creative and you will find High Relevant sources of web traffic. This is where digital marketing comes into play. 

1. SEO is NOT meant to get your website on Google's First Page, as many people believe it to be. I don't want to spoil your bubble, but NO one can guarantee your business on the first page of google. Quality content and high pr links will do the deed.

2. Create your own keyword combination, build on it aggressively, you will rank for those keywords overtime and might even get your website on the top of Google first page for those keywords. (These keywords have to be relevant to your business website content).

3. You can get less than 20% of web traffic from google and still succeed. (Create other traffic sources, Google is just a company like yours. If there was no Google, what will you do?

Good question with many answers) "Google is still the best for getting relevant traffic"

4. Social media marketing is part of SEO, get on board and start building a following to boost your rankings on search engines. Social networks help you rank better in SERP's, the more social signals you get the more your website becomes popular.

5. Make sure your internal website is well structured with clean content before indulging in any inbound traffic. (if you don't, kiss your efforts good bye and forget about building an online business)