Top 5 Things That Won't Happen in SEO

SEO is a long term inbound marketing strategy that should never be neglected if you are serious about growing your business online and mobile. Remember, it's not always good to depend on one source of traffic to your site but you need search traffic if you really want to grow organically in the long term. 

There are so many believes about SEO, so I will like to debunk some of this miss leading information.

I'm sorry to break it- here you go!

1. I Can Rank your business on the 1st Page of search engines - Guaranteed?

Ask this question to someone who is not willing to help you. The answer will be yes - you can rank. 

Why? Because they might get lucky and voila! you rank on the first page or the other alternative - You Never get any Valuable SEO service and fall a victim of empty promises or a damaged online reputation for your website.

The breakdown: SEO is complicated and at the same time easy - if you focus on understanding the different moving parts while making sure you use incoming analytic data to discover new opportunities. To be success, you will need to start with your website structure, Design, keywords and content positioning within your site. 

2. How long does it take for my website to rank on the first page of search engines?

Think about this for a second, there're more than 1 Billion websites online - some are totally out dated, while some are ideal and hopefully waiting for a buyer. Ranking your website on the first page for keywords can be an up hill battle. To get on the first page, you need at least 3 - 6 months to see any significant results. (Again this depends on the industry - type of product or service etc).

The breakdown: To get on the first page - you need to start researching your competitors to see what they are ranking for. Use this information to create your own unique keywords with less traffic and competition. Once you have done proper research and found phrases that target your product or service, now it's time to focus on those words and build authority. Eventually you will rank for those words and phrases over time - I'll say within 90 days minimum depending on how you market your website. 

3. I heard building links works well so I'll just buy some links - Stop and don't even think about it today. Buying inbound links will be the first mistake in ranking well - you can even get penalized and removed from search engines. Hope you have heard of Google Panda and Google penguin - they don't play, these are algorithm updates - google added into its search engine structure. 

They key here is build links from Authoritative websites within your niche and focus on high content values. 

4. I don't have money for SEO marketing, What can I do?

Startups, new entrepreneurs and small business are always going to have this problem for a start. Why focus on the money, when you could be focusing more energy on the future and how much value you can gain from building everlasting relations with other sites. You see, SEO is all about bringing in value and sharing with like minds. 

For example: If you owned a house, you won't be asking a car sales man about home appliances. The same goes with SEO - if you run a shoe store, find a shoe blogger or link to other content that relates to shoes. DON'T FORGET -  Social media is part of your SEO effort. 

5. Content doesn't matter in SEO, who needs a blog?

Content won't matter if you have money for paid search, but how will you build long lasting relationships online?

Never take this advice from anyone -make sure to include a blog on your website and keep it updated. Provide content that relates to your customers with proper call-to-action. You want to complete your SEO marketing and be success - then you need valuable content.  

Breakdown: All content should focus on your targeted keywords as to build proper inbound links.