5 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About SEO

You have been hired to take care of all SEO tasks at a company. Now, what do you need to know?

There are 5 things to have in mind before you get in the rumbles with building your online presence through search engines. 


1. King of website growth is content - Articles, Videos, infographic

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build relevant inbound web traffic, partly because Google algorithm updates may penalize low-quality content and rank your website lower in search.

Create good content and you will gain authority and rank better on search engines. Sometimes you might rank for long tail keywords that you are not targeting (who doesn't want free traffic) without even targeting those words.

2  Google+ is key to your social rankings in search results

After marketing my first startup, I found out that most of my posts on my business Google+ account had lots of views and links back to my website.

This led me to use google+ more for every blog post that includes targeted keywords. When you write a blog on your website, share it on Google+ and see the difference. 

3. Fixing Technical Issues and Auditing your website regularly

It's simple but a lot of online marketers don't concentrate on making sure the website being promoted actually functions properly and being indexed by search engines.

In everything thing you do, "start from home and walk your way out" this is how you will do well.

4. Building Links Should Be Earned, so don't buy them

Link building backlinkfy

When you buy links, Google's algorithm might penalize your website as low quality, making your shortcut to ranking better a disaster. When building links never pay for them, instead build relationships with others and grow organically. Growing your business online organically will have a long term positive response than buying low-quality worthless links.

Companies like Moz, encourages organizations to earn links though endorsements instead of paying for them.

"We're seeing Google pass out penalties for easy links, and we think the crackdown is really just beginning," Shepard says.

5. Keyword Optimization is great but you also need to use less words on one page

Keyword optimization backlinkfy

Everyone wants to rank for keyword because its how you get found online though search engines. While putting less of your targeted keywords on a particular page, keep the title page relevant to your content.