How To Start Using PPC Campaigns for Local Small To Mid-Size Businesses

What Are PPC Ad Campaigns? Bids towards every click on your ad campaign.

PPC means Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns are used when you need to get your website or business location (Local Listings) advertised through an internet marketing bidding model.

When ads show on most search engines and receive clicks to your property, a fee is charged for that bid. You will be competing for industry keywords when bidding your PPC keyword ads. 

How do PPC Ad campaigns work? This question has been asked every time mention PPC. So to answer this question, I have an image below, that shows you the process of setting up a successful campaign. Remember, all ppc ad Campaigns need to be optimized uniquely based on your industry or niche. 

Here is how we approach PPC Set-ups within Adwords and Bing Ads;


Advertising Account set-up. 

We will set up your Adwords or Bing ads account with Google analytics tracking or with another platform of your choice. It’s important to have the proper set up done right from day one. This will avoid reporting a disaster along the way, so you can have proper data to work with and grow your campaign.

Keyword Research

Research keywords and phrases to use for bidding, research your competition and build analytic data, get a full understanding of how businesses in your niche use ppc.

Establish a PPC Advertising Budget

Put a spending limit on your advertising budget each month, then backlinkfy handles the PPC bid management process. Ad space bidding and quality score will determine your ad’s placement on the search engine pages. The more popular ad copy and keywords the more clicks to your ads. 

Get Creative with Ad Copy. 

Backlinkfy creates ad copies that are specific and highly targeted to encourage visitors to click through to your site. We do this through persuasive calls to action, targeted special offers, promotions, and more.

Captivating Landing pages

Great landing pages = Conversion. Backlinkfy will create optimized landing pages with content that leads users towards your ultimate goal – conversions.

Test and Refine Ad structure

Backlinkfy will monitor your PPC campaign to see what works and what doesn’t, then refine the process by keeping the ads with the best results, as to optimize your campaign further.

The most popular PPC platform is Google Adwords