The Only Small Business PPC Campaign Resource You Will Ever Need

PPC campaigns are important for several reasons in digital marketing. With new keyword updates there are ways to constantly Update Your PPC Campaign effectively.

Advertiser’s have noticed that for some ppc campaigns, there is a tendency that once a campaign has been created, the job is done and has to be updated once every week. This is not true for so many reasons.

Before I elaborate below, think of a PPC campaign as something that you use everyday to make a living, as an extension of your business life (please don't ignore your ppc campaigns, this might be costing you a fortune).

This is true because over time, some elements about the campaign will change - fail, succeed, more costly keywords, less costly keywords but, most importantly over time the campaign will change and you will not get the same CTR.

So, to make sure your PPC campaign is effective and targeted towards the right audience as it was when you first created it on day one, you should always constantly stay updated with it, improving your keywords, changing bids and restructuring your Ads.

Change things about it that need improvement and you will see the difference.

Without any wait....Here are some reasons why you should update your PPC campaign regularly.

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1. Understand why things can change and keep researching for more keyword opportunities.

I can vouch for this because I have experience similar situations when running and managing ppc campaigns for more than 5 years. 

2. Keep constant updates of competitors in your market (New and Old Competitors).

You should know everything service or product releases from your competitors and all advertising campaigns associated with them.

This will help if the competition makes any changes or updates to their campaigns, chances are you need to make similar changes or create new campaigns to make sure it is still leading the market and converting with better ROI.

A simply example of this scenario with changes for your ads can be triggered by this from your competition. 

Example: You may find that after a week, your competition may have increased their maximum CPC to outbid you for top spot on search engines (google in particular).

Therefore, if you want to regain that top spot again, although costly, you will have to outbid them by increasing your CPC.