5 Reasons Why SEO is the Secret Ingredient To Your Startup

Oh SEO! Everyone with an online business wants to rank better, everyone wants to be on Google search page one, everyone wants to build the fastest growing online business.

So why have you not succeeded to rank page one on google? I will tell you what you need to do, why you are wasting time on the wrong ideas you need for growth or conversion.

When you do this things right, google will reward your website rank better. When building a successful SEO, make sure you are focus first on fixing your website.

This is a similar process of how we build strategies for our clients. Remember, every client is unique, every businesses needs a different approach. 

SEO Process

Why is SEO the secret ingredient to grow your business online?

Here are 5 points to help you:

Don't try to rank number one on google - Try to rank well for your keywords and create good content, something that can help the searcher find answers. Over time you will get more traffic from your targeting keywords and rank on most search engine first pages (Gogle being the main one).


Use keyword combinations - that match on and off website pages when optimizing for SEO. This can be tricky, as you will need to stay within your niche to see results. For example; If you own a software company, building content and distributing it to a medium that focuses on clothing will not help you. This might actually get your website ranking low on SERP's for those keywords.


Building relevant backlinks - that relate to your website content and make sure to ping them all. This links must be part of your niche market, so people looking for your answer can quickly click through or find you on search engines. 


keep your SEO Strategy - going every single day as your competitors do the same. This is war and you need to have your weapons and shields on. If you do one thing and it works, that's hardly the end. With SEO, you have to keep the process going on for the life of your company - Building great content, High pr links that actually help you grow (need to research PR ranking, page authority and other factors).


Give your strategy at least 90 days and see if you need to make any changes. Based on those days, analyse your SEO strategy - see what worked, build on what might have worked better and eliminate those portions of the plan that were not effective. 

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