4 Reasons Why You Should Constantly Build High PR Backlinks

What are High Pr Backlinks?

These are links built from high ranking websites with pageranks 4-10 by Google. This inbound links can help your website rank better for keywords within a certain niche. The goal here is not to buy links but build valuable high quality links with a mixture of different marketing strategies.   

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1. Why do you need inbound links to your website?

Link building is your holy grail to succeed online but this has to be done through natural effort Ex. Content strategy, Profile account building, relevant comments on quality articles etc.  

2. Why does SEO take time?

As you build natural links, not all will be indexed to search engines at the same time. You should constantly increase the number of links from high authoritative websites within your niche. 

3. Why do you have to keep link building alive?

Your competition will never stop building links, so why should you. (Again never buy backlinks) Build quality over quantity. 100 authoritative inbound links are better the 1000 low quality links.   

4. Do backlinks cost money?

PPC is costly, building quality backlinks overtime is priceless. PPC campaigns will give you leads within a short period of time. Inbound links will give you online real estate status when done well over time.  


Ways to Obtain and keep Quality Backlinks


  1. Infographics - You can try piktochart

  2. Guest blogging

  3. Profile Inbound Links - Google +, Facebook, Manta

  4. Blogging on your site

  5. Blog Commenting on other websites related to your content

  6. Social Media posting with links to content created by you

  7. Bookmarking your site pages

  8. Image Submission - Flickr, Instagram

  9. Video Submission - See a long list of video submission sites

  10. Create and distribute a PR Article - Press Release Distribution Rates


The best way to achieve getting high quality backlinks is focus on content and keywords. Everything you produce should be a chance to gain at least a few link backs from potential domains that are directly relevant to what you are offering.

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