How To Improve My Google Local Business Listings?

Every year the SEO industry experiences a change from the master of search engines "Google", this year changes also happened. From the growing importance of Google+ algorithm changes, encrypted search, and non mobile-friendly website penalization, it's time for your online presence to improve. 

Google place business optimization

Google Places lists local businesses to help consumers make decisions in the marketplace. When potential customers search for relevant search terms, if your Google plus business page is relevant to the query, it will appear in the search results and provide the researcher with complete details about the your business.

I'll give you 4 simple ways to improve your local Google search rankings. Follow these steps: 


1. Google plus business Page Verification Process

Google business verification


Claiming a Google plus Business page is the first step to getting control of your listing and make additional improvements.

Once you've created your location page, Google will ask you to verify the listing. This is done through a phone call or a postcard to your business with a Google provided pin number.

If you choose to receive your code by mail, you will receive a PIN. Follow instructions and enter into your business dashboard after  logging into your account.

While it’s not impossible to rank well with an unverified Google Plus business page, claiming your listing gives you more options to optimize your local page further. 

Google local business page card

 2.  Select your page category

google business plus page categories backlinkfy

Once Google verifies your page, Google gives you the opportunity to associate your business with up to 5 categories (one primary and up to 4 others).

You must choose categories pre-determined by Google, and the primary category is by far the most important.

3. Be consistent with your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number

google business address

It's simple and goes without saying, the principle for all local SEO strategies is to keep your business information consistent. That said, making sure your website and Google Plus for Business page have the same information is crucial.

Based on the web page you've linked to your Google Plus business page, Google will double check to make sure the Name, Address, and Phone Number match.

4. The value of all is Google business Reviews

How To Improve My Google Local Listings

It's better to have no reviews than have negative reviews.In improving your Google business page, the number of reviews you receive (positive will help you rank better).

More than any other business listings site (Yelp, Yellow Pages, and the others.) the reviews (Positive) on Google are key to your overall success in search, when you are building a local business with a physical location.


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