How To Optimize Your Website URLs For Effective SEO

Both search engines and people prefer websites to have consistent, clear and easy-to-read URLs. This helps search engines like; Google, Bing and Yahoo crawl your website more effective and helps people understand what a particular page represents. 

Here, I'll explain how to optimize your website URLs for search engines (SEO) and humans reading your content.

Technical SEO For Your Website With Profit Focused.


Any SEO success starts with technical SEO

Imagine your website is a fast sports car going 180 miles an hour. As sure as a fast sports car must be mechanically sound to keep going, you need to structure your website on the same note to keep growing organically with periodic maintenance.


Functionality of website

The whole infrastructure of your website must be technically sound if you want to win at search engine optimization (SEO).

Structure of URL's, Clear keyword targeting, clean code, well labeled alt text(images) and other functions that affect your overall search growth.

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Mobile-friendly URLs

A URL (uniform resource locator) is a web address that will host your business. For example: is my url. Here is a clean image of google's url in a browser.

browser url

URLs are displayed in your web and mobile browser’s address bar.


Unreadable Url

Here is a complicated unreadable URL - c_1/ Ccat_14418702$7CBarbecues%7C14418875.htm

unreadable url

Search engines and users may have problems with complicated URLs.

Here is a clear, simple and descriptive URL -


Clear and simple URLs rarely cause problems and might bring benefits, like more referrals, traffic, easy to share using growth tools, doesn't look spammy to search engines or humans. 

For example - When seen on a search engine results page (SERP), a clear URL might tell readers the page searched will deliver what they are searching for before they are actually taken to said page.

This will increase the percentage of people that click to your site (your site’s clickthrough rate’, aka CTR).

A higher CTR is great in itself, as you'll get more site visitors and more popularity votes in SERP. As I have previously said - Search traffic can help with SERP's due to brand recognition. 

A high CTR also suggests to Google that the page is relevant and popular for the search made by a user. Such a user behavior activities might lead "Google to promote your web page up the rankings", this will be a boost to and you'll get more traffic and visibility in search results.

(It’s also good for avoiding a site-wide Panda situation, you know how that might turn out)

Another benefit of a simple URL is that other sites are more likely to link to a simple URL, because it is easier to link to your "Anchor Text" that tells them what your site is about.

Also, if the full URL is used as the link text (the actual words clicked) then it may contain the link-to page’s targeting keywords. Getting such keyword rich links is a crucial part of your SEO effort and future traffic down the line.

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