SEO Vs PPC - How They Match Up In Digital Marketing

Organic SEO

This is simple content building, natural link building (others linking to you) as to get your website ranking better on search engine results. 

PPC Campaign Marketing

With a budget, almost anyone can market their products and services online with paid advertising. 

PPC works when a potential customer clicks on an Ad. when this action occurs, the cost will be deducted depending on the keyword bids within thats specific group of the campaign.

Most notable ppc platforms - Google adwords and Bing Ads.

What are the differences between Organic SEO and PPC Campaigns?

Organic SEO

  • Cost no money but time consuming to implement 
  • Extensive research that might take months to complete
  • Also good to start early on with your website as the process is slow to adapt
  • Optimize pages to focus on keyword that you use on your site pages

PPC Campaigns

  • Cost upfront money to implement depending on your budget
  • Short term research within days to get started 
  • Can start anytime with ppc ads and reach potential customers
  • Target audience focused with keywords within your niche


You've built your website and now it's time for visitors...Wait. wait.. no visitors. So how do I get my hard work to pay off?

As you will see below on the slideshow, there are two types of marketing strategies you can use to jump-start your online visibility. know what you need to get your business growing online, while you concentrate on achieving your goals offline.

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