Why SEO Got Tougher In 2016 And How To Fix It

Today there are many techniques to use when building SEO, gone are the days when you could build links and rank for keywords right away by stuffing those words in your website meta-tags.

Try it now and watch your website sink to a land of no return.

SEO keywords

With overload competition and keyword research for search volume, SEO might just be a tough fight for most online marketers. Google is also on a mission to make sure their algorithm reflects their business model, so you might be screwed. 

When I say SEO is not what it used to be, I'm talking about how easy it was to create backlinks to any website and rank well for keywords, without doing too much on-page and off-page optimization or following any precise guideline.   

When taking time to work on your SEO strategy, you will need to know these marketing channels in order to cover your digital marketing efforts.

All these platforms are uniquely different but play a part in every aspect of digital marketing for your future success. 



1. Search Engines

Google, Bing and yahoo for optimization and ranking. Select keywords and place them strategically within your content. 

When people enter keywords that match what you are offering, then your business will be found depending on how authority of your content and if it is directly related to what the searcher is looking for at that particular time.

Keywords by volume can also boost your impressions on search engines, giving you more chances of clicks (DO not stuff keywords) = FAIL. 

Here are search engines to get your business visibility presence. 

  • Google

Goggle is the biggest and most used search engine in the world with more than 70% market share of all searches worldwide. Use google to your advantage and make sure to follow all guidelines as you won't want to get on the bad side of this guys - Panda, Penguin and hummingbird

  • Bing

Bing platform is a subsidiary of Microsoft and has been growing for the past 10 years, it also includes pay per click campaigns as part of advertising. 

  • Yahoo

Yahoo is on of the oldest search engines in the world and today has become more of a news hub for everything around the world. I'm sorry but I lost track of where yahoo was heading, it's still very useful for information but advertising as been down and now the yahoo advertising platform is in conjunction with Bing Ads. 


2. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, are all social networks and need to be utilized for their full marketing potential. 

  • Facebook: You can market your business with Facebook Ads

Offers targeted ads, you can use to promote your business to different demographics. 

  • Twitter: Ads for Your Business in 190 characters Using Tweets

Twitter is a tool use for communication but best for marketing to the masses in real time. If mastered and you can use #hashtags properly, building a strong following for your business with take a short time to achieve.

With hashtags of your choice, you can market to a targeted audience within minutes using 190 characters.  

  • Pinterest: Pin boards for marketing

Pinterest is fairly new to the scene. It is a pin board platform for amazing images you can pin and share with others. With this pins, you can market specific pins to a targeted audiences or targeted location.

Pinterest marketing Platform, is similar to a Pay per click campaign model but rather you are being charged per pin or like on your content. 



They used to be good - Now use with caution

digg, Stache, reddit, scoop.it can help you save webpages and view on any device. I will not go through the listed bookmark platforms because it all depends on what kind of services or products you offer.  

To be successful in SEO, you must include all of these in your grand plan, or you might be missing out on the real action.

Just a reminder, any SEO Strategy today without focusing on social media marketing has already failed. Social media is as important as building links to your website, don't ignore it, double down on your activities and see results over time.