What Does a Digital Marketing Assistant/Agency Do For Your Business?

Digital marketing is a new and evolving way of marketing your company’s brand, products or services. Online marketing channels include display advertising, search engine advertising, mobile, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and lots more.

digital marketing assistant specialist

However, digital marketing can also include SMS/ text marketing, outdoor digital display, banner advertising, digital point of sale display, etc.

A company that offers digital strategy, planning and/or implementation can be referred to as a digital marketing company.

The opportunities created by new technologies have led to the growth of the new digital sector within marketing. When digital was just getting started, the various pieces of the digital puzzle would have been served up as stand-alone offerings.

These days, digital marketing companies often offer all the services that you’ will require to put in place your entire digital strategy and implementation.

The growth of digital marketing can be attributed to some of the unique benefits that it presents and the lower cost of entry associated with certain elements of digital marketing.

Here are 5 things that digital marketing does really well and often much better than other marketing channels.

1. Online marketing cost

Inexpensive in comparison to traditional channels such as TV, radio, print, outdoor display ads on billboards.

  • The economic barriers to entry are far less significant than is traditional channels.
  • Digital channels offer pricing structures that are not available offline, such as cost per click or cost per acquisition, both of which are associated with better control of investment and in many cases, better return.


2. Digital marketing is fully measurable

You can track your investment by using metrics such as views, clicks, time viewing, actions performed, conversions, and many more interactive features. And you don’'t have to wait around to see results; one of the most attractive aspects of investing in digital marketing channels is that you can see results in almost real time, which helps you analyze when to push harder and when to pull back.


3. Setup and activation

Most companies can activate digital marketing campaigns in a matter of hours; giving them the opportunity to put in place offers or increase sales during times of low business. In most cases you will never have to deal or negotiate with 3rd parties.


4. Targeting your audience

Targeting in digital marketing allows you to target by country, searches, social media preferences, people who have clicked on an advert before (cookie laws are changing) and now by use of geo location or smart phone targeting. This allows marketers to target their ideal audiences like never before and thus, minimize costs associated with customer acquisition.


5. Ability to engage web visitors

No other medium has allowed for the level of engagement that digital marketing channels provide. Not alone can companies target audiences cheaply, quickly and measurably, they can also offer consumers an opportunity to engage with that company or brand.

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