Top 7 Uses of Digital Marketing To Grow Any Online Business

For the past few years, sales process has changed a lot from doing sales through phone calls to sales being conducted through several social media marketing channels. Instead, the focus is now being led on how to reach out to customers and make the sale through contemporary methodologies ways with the help of digital media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email campaigns, ads, etc.

However, the relevancy of digital marketing for sales professionals to a great extent is going to be highly relied on the digital platforms.

Enlisted below are some top ways on which sales and marketing professionals can leverage digital marketing with a view to pitch sales and perform sales conversions:

Use Rapportive

Before starting any call with any prospect, it is highly recommended to check the online profile so that you are well-versed with the background of that person you are about to start a conversation. You can readily use a tool Rapportive as its add-on features provide help through major browsers - Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. that you can use to check profiles of prospective clients.

You can use this to check the profile of your prospects via email. Rapportive can be installed through extensions in your browser and whenever you need access, you can do so with email through online email providers like Gmail and yahoo; you can easily come across the LinkedIn profile of that client.

Social Media Integration With CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a company’s approach to create a database that enables them to keep a track of all past and current customers. Thus, every sales professional must use a CRM software for maintaining the lead status.

Nowadays, almost all major CRM companies are using Social Media Integration with CRM so that you can track the activity of your lead and what they are doing on major social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Leads Nurturing Based On Your Leads Interest/Niche

You can nurture your leads as per their interest by treading on the path of creating personalized email campaigns and distributing content twice a week. This sounds easy, but it is no less than an art to create the perfect mailers for targeted set of customers.

Ads Re-marketing

Another effective way is to increase the level of interest of your lead or prospect with products or services being offered by your company. Herein, re-marketing in Google Adwords and other advertisement platforms can turn out to be in your favor.

Writing Blog For your products

One of the easiest ways is to create a blog post with information pertaining to the products and services being offered by your companies. So, this is surely a great way for you to keep readers engaged with a set of valuable content pertaining to your products, services, news or updates in that domain.

If you choose to leverage digital marketing, then you can opt in for the course and trigger learning in Digital Marketing sphere to reach and make new customers.

Digital Marketing Converts Prospects into Sales

Enhancing your presence online increases your sales volume. Once people visit your website, get them to engage with your content. That requires a strong call to action that’s valuable to visitors and answers their pivotal question: “What’s in it for me?”

Suggest something easy for visitors to act upon and make it prominent on your website, as “a clickable image with a large font.”

That first connection must be “action-oriented,” for example, “Win Our marketing Contest.” Avoid “Contact Us,” which is not compelling to take action. Tie your landing page specifically to the feature that drew visitors to your website, for example, another web page.

If you use Google AdWords, make sure your landing page’s contents keywords you want to target. Your landing page and call to action should match within you ppc campaign.

A landing page has a single goal: “to get people to fill out your form or take actions - like signing up.” Keep it clean and simple. Visitors must be able to fill out your form quickly and easily, so don’t ask too many questions.

If 15% of landing page visitors fill out and submit your form, you have succeeded!

Become an Online Digital Inbound Marketing Hub

Positioning your site as an online transit point or hub for your target market requires connecting to other sites.

How do you make this happen?

Provide great content that people value and will subscribe to through a feed reader such as RSS (a basic syndication). When you update your web content, your subscribers’ feed readers alert them to new material and updates. People can also subscribe to your content using their work or personal email.

Do not devote resources exclusively to website design. Compelling online content brings far more visitors than a flashy site.

Instead of overspending on aesthetics, create a collaborative blog for your online visitors. Spend your money where the online payoff will prove the most rewarding: blogs, social media sites and Google.

Learn how many links connect to your site from external sources and from “high-authority sites.”