How To Accelerate Growth With Off-Page SEO While Building Online Authority

Search engine optimization is like a maze with so any different ways to approach a successful outcome for your efforts. When you begin optimizing your site for search engines, you will obviously want to start with your on-page SEO strategy, then intensively focus and research your off-page strategy.

You'll need to make sure your site is well structured, has the right keywords in title tags, site description tags, website content, your site is responsive on all devices and so on. As you work on your on-page SEO, you also need to think about how you will connect this on-page strategy to your link building strategy.  This is when off-page SEO comes to play!


How Will You Define Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is simply optimizing your website's (brand) online through different channels; from inbound links generated on other sites, content marketing, building strong relationships with your industry in order to improve your ranking on search engines likes Google.

My opinion, Off-page SEO is the most important of the two (On-page and Off-page techniques). Without linking and building lasting relationships within your industry, there is absolute no chance of your on-page SEO having any effect on your site growth. This technique also helps to build your brand authority online over time.

So how do you apply Off-page SEO to improve your online growth?

With all the techniques I've used over the past 6 years, I find these techniques to be the most effective. 



SEO Off-page Techniques That Work

You now know what off-page SEO is all about, how do you get it in motion?

To get started with off-page SEO, you will need to research your industry extensively with your keywords and value proposition in mind.

Note: Building relationships with sites that are not directly related to your offering can be time wasted. It's better to spend more time researching your technique and putting your time where you'll see value. 

To break it down for you, see some of the most valuable techniques you can use to get started with your off-page SEO strategy


Blogging and Case Studies:

Using blog posts and case studies to build authority is a strong link building technique. With your content, focus on searcher's intent if you sell products or services. Keep in mind how your potential customer will understand your brand and don't try to sell. Write about ways they can get help or have a particular problem solved and then provide options to get results with your post. Use case studies to show how your brand helped others achieve success or reached their set goals.


Video Promotions:

Start promoting your videos on Youtube or Vimeo. These sites provide powerful links that can help improve your visibility online. Today, most people searching online actually prefer watching videos as it saves time and connects more effectively with done right. Make short videos 40 second - 1 minute long, this will keep your audience engage rather than bored.  See how you can create a marketing video for your next project.


PDF Files & Sharing:

Creating and submitting PDF files is a powerful technique in SEO off page. Convert your content to PDF files and sharing on knowledge base sites for link building. You can easily create high quality links from PDF and doc sharing sites that provide a do-follow link to your site (Make sure your inbound links are do-follow, his carries the most weight for improving your search rank). See my list of powerful PDF and Doc submission sites on the web.


Directory Submission:

If you were just starting out with SEO, this will be your go to strategy. Directory submissions to improve your online standings has been the top method to rank online. Today, its not as effective as it used to be 8 years ago. You'll need to focus on high quality directories that will not have your site penalize on Google, thus making list of local directories and saas directories will be your best bet.  

In order to fully implement this strategy, you need to eliminate all low quality directory sites for link building. This might be a tedious process, but is best for the long haul for your SEO strategy to success.


Press Release Distribution:

Gone are the days when you could publish a press release and gain hundreds of inbound links to your site. Today, the best way to approach press releases is by focusing on distributing to multiple media outlets within a target area. Avoiding including more than 4 links in your PR for better performance. See how PR distribution can help you get the word out!


Social Media Influencers:

Social media influencers can be great ambassadors for your brand. Not only will your get visibility for your products and services, you'll also get a human interaction with your brand 24/7. Using social media influencers also help with link building as most people who share your content will likely write about your brand. 


Guest posting Sites:

Guest post submission is also most important techniques in SEO off page for better link building. This is unique techniques to link building. You competitor are also use the all article, directory and press release site for link building but Guest post is a unique method to create link but your competitor can’t create link on that website. 


Question + Answer Sites:

Question + Answer (QA) technique is another effective technique in SEO off page. To get a valuable link back to your site, you'll need to answer some questions and include a link back to your website from your answers. Don't spam QA sites, provide insights and you will be rewarded handsomely for it. Few QA sites like Quora can bring real value to your efforts. 


Classified ads posting:

Classified ads can be helpful for SEO purposes but has a limited life span on how long the ads stay live. This is a simple way to get the word out to potential customers and also help boost your visibility online without breaking your advertising budget. 


Article submission:

Article submission is most important online techniques for link building. You should publish original article with high quality content and one article for single website. You should put maximum two links in the article signature which is allowing do-follow link. 


Local Business listing sites:

Business listing in directories, especially - local directories is an off page technique to create high quality links within a specific location.  With directories, local customers can find your business, send you messages directly, see what you offer before clicking through to your website. 


Please share other useful off-page link building techniques you might have used to drive valuable traffic to your website. If you'll like to learn more about building effective links, get in touch with us