Local SEO Do and Not Do in 2017

If you are a local business, you must be wondering what you can do to optimize your website for SEO and rank locally in 2017. To help you get started, I have researched and arrived at a conclusion - what you should do and what not to do!

The first step is understanding what's important, and following this article to keep your optimization techniques simple but effective. You can also see a well constructed infograph on improving your local rankings in SERP

We will take a look at the following;

  • On-site Optimization 
  • Link Building 
  • Reviews, Citation and ratings
  • Profile pages
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Do This For Local Rankings

Correct On Page SEO Elements

  • This includes contact details, phone numbers and local keywords.
  • Update current contact contact information.

Create Quality Local Content

  • Your content should serve targeted audience in your location. 
  • It has to connect with the user as they interact with it.
  • Create actionable content that flows from start to finish. 

Leverage Social Media

  • Take advantage of social media channels.
  • Build your brand and promote content daily.
  • Connect with others in your industry.

Optimizing Your Images

  • Add local keywords
  • City name in image file and ALT tags

Create Local Pages

  • Get a Google+, Yahoo and Bing local business listings.
  • This pages enhance your local business rankings.

Contact on all Listings Are Correct

  • Google and Bing maps can help with placing your business locally.
  • Correct contact information on all pages.

Physical Address In Ranking City

  • A real physical business address .
  • This can increase local visibility and foot traffic.

Use A Local Phone Number

  • Your local number can help increase trust.
  • It helps connect with locals familiar with the number.

Reviews Are Needed

  • Reviews can boost your local rankings.
  • Ask for reviews from clients.

Organize Your Business Categories

  • Your business in the right category.
  • Make it easy for people to find you in directories.

Citations From High Quality Sites

  • Citations are the listings boosters
  • Look for competitor citations and replicate them.

Gain Local Backlinks

  • Links are the soul of your online business.
  • Local links will help you rank locally.
  • Make sure to gain links from high quality sites.

Don't Do This For Local Rankings

Avoid SEO Audits Constantly

  • Look at your URL and targeted keyword.
  • Spy on your competition. 

Duplicate Content

  • Copied content can harm your rankings.
  • Keyword stuffing can get you penalized.
  • No internal links

Dropping Links On Social Media

  • Interact on social media to build connections.
  • Your social signals affect your rankings
  • Rankings can influence follows

Image File and ALT Tags

  • Image tags are important for keyword targeting
  • Don't stop your image from showing up in Google image search

Providing Incorrect Contact Details

  • Incorrect information can harm your rankings
  • Affect your online reputation and drive away potential customers

Inconsistent Contact Information

  • Your address matters, make it visible and consistent
  • Place your contacts where visitors can find it easily

Listing Your P.O Box In As Address

  • Avoid a p.o box for your business.
  • You can add then if there is an option for a second address 

No Call Centers

  • No advantage with a generic phone number.
  • Have direct contact with potential customers.

Incentives for Reviews and Ratings

  • Made up reviews can damage your business reputation.
  • Inaccuracies can affect how your business is viewed online.

Not Categorizing Your Site

  •  Add your business to all relevant categories.
  • If you are in an irrelevant category, change it immediately.

Citations From Low Quality Sources

  • Remember quality over quantity.
  • Authority and do-follow links

Local Low Quality Backlinks

  • Gain links from high authority sites in your niche.
  • Linking to out dated content will affect your rankings.
  • Beat your local competitors with local linking.


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Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.