10 Effective Lead Strategies for Your Small Business Marketing

To market a service or product, time is everything as you create content and plan your digital marketing campaigns. Before you start marketing, you must have set goals and achievements to meet for your campaigns. So what will be your goal?

  • Lead generation* (This being the end goal)
  • Brand exposure
  • White paper downloads
  • Subcribers
  • Signups

As you will guess, generating leads is always the primary goal for most campaigns, when you generate leads you can now focus on converting these leads into sales. We know that a steady stream of quality leads is an essential component of keeping a business open, but coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done today. To help you move in the right direction, I have compiled some save avenues for you to run campaigns effectively. 

Here are 10 proven and actionable ideas to energize your lead generation efforts.


1. AdWords Campaigns on Google and partner networks

AdWords is an advertising platform created by Google that allows you to run ads and include a landing page for all campaigns on search. Make sure your landing pages are optimize based on your ad copy, so potential customers will fill out your contact form for more information. Keep your landing pages short and straight to the point by making every landing page focused on specific keywords for your products or services. Start advertising on Google search and partner networks. 

adwords campaigns.JPG


2. Video Presentation and Promotions

According to Fastcompany.com, 65% of us are visual learners. So start speaking to your audience with videos of your services and products. 

According to this infographic case studyproduct explainer videos can generate leads more leads with each age group than written content does. When done right, videos keep us engaged and can inspire us to take action without over selling. Make your videos short and simple for using video animation tools.  After creating your animation content, you can share short clips on your site and post your videos to a larger audience using multiple sites that host videos like; Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more!

video promo.jpg


3. Promote your tweets using twitter cards

Make sure your tweets should like like what you'll see in your feed. The best part is, your tweet will be featured higher that the others with the same hashtags, making is easy for others to click to your content. Since you'll be paying to be in front of an audience, you'll still need to keep the tweets fun and valuable to your audience within your niche. 

To be effective in promoted tweets, link your tweet to a landing page or blog post that is on the same subject as the tweet. This should boost your engagement and help you generate better leads. See twitter card document.

twitter cards.JPG


4. Boost your Facebook post

Boost your Facebook posts when you post something of value. Using this feature on Facebook will help expose your content to a wider audience and potentially drive in new leads. Remember to use targeting to reach the right audience for your content based on; Interest, age, locations etc. Learn how you can boost your Facebook post

boost facebook post.JPG


5. Use Questions & Answers to Build Reputation

Q&A sites are essential in that, you can reach an audience just by provided valuable insights about a topic. This question and answer sites include Quora and other sites like Answers.  

Quora allows you to create a profile with links back to your site or landing page. Answering questions in a unique way gets you direct exposure to potential leads who are asking about solutions in your market. 



6. Google Business Pages and Google+ Network

Google business pages have gone through a revolution and now you can link and share content on your pages just like you will a blog post. Make sure to update your pages regularly and provide useful content that will directly help your audience. See how to get listed on Google local and business pages including Google maps.

google business page.JPG


7. About Us page optimization

One of the most important pages on your site, will be your "about us" page. With this page you are open to sharing who you are, your team and what you or (we) do. It’s also a great place to have a call to action.

about us.JPG


8. Update Evergreen Content with High Traffic

In-depth, well written content takes a whole lot of time and resources to create, but can pay off over time in a big way. If you update your evergreen content the right way, you will see new traffic flowing your way. Why, because you already rank for these keywords and new searchers will have their turn to view it, while old readers will simply update their knowledge with the updates. 



9. Combination of Social Media hubs based on what you offer

The life span of your social media posts can be very short, so what do you do after you post? 

To extend the life of your social posts, you should consider using a social media hub to embed directly on your site. This helps to keep your post live for a while. These hubs tile your social media posts into a grid widget, where you can insert a call to action(s), and collect leads from your social media content.

social media hubs.gif


10. Speak at an event

Building your brand takes time, being a speaker at a physical event can yield highly qualified leads because as a presenter, you hold a position of authority over your audience. If the talk goes well, you’re sure to find prospects afterwards and you can use these connections to gain referrals for more leads.

event speaking.jpg