15 Ways To Drive Targeted Web Traffic To Your Website

All websites need traffic to succeed but how do they get this traffic?

As traffic might be good, getting the right kind of traffic will help your website grow further.

Digital marketing strategies focus on building traffic to your site with a niche market in mind but still find challenges as to where this traffic should come from.

So I've put together 20 powerful ways to drive targeted web traffic to your website;

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1. Build Authoritative inbound links.

Build authoritative links referring back to your website. Authoritative Links help with SEO ranking, referral traffic and branding your company. See 20 Ways To Build High PR Links To Your Website Today - Guide


2. Add images to your content.

Visual and interactive content is a key to better conversion and can help your website grow faster with ALT txt keywords.


3. Start hosting webinars.

Host webinars to educate your audience on certain topics and strategies depending on your business field and knowledge.


4. Respond to other popular posts.

Respond to popular articles from others with an article of yours that helps them in some way, this can help you gain more traffic based on your related keywords and post content.


5. Be a Speaker in your industry.

Become a speaker at one of your industry event. This can put you on the map and increase visibility of your brand, online social profile and valuable web traffic to your business.


6. Spy on your competitors.

See what strategies your competitors are using for implementing their marketing, then replicate them to fit your business based on your needs. 


7. Create well detailed infographs.

Infographs are very useful, and well created infographs can generate referral traffic, they are shareable and you will gain more inbound links which help with SEO rankings on search engines.


8. Remove inbound links that suck!

You can either use a service like Open Site Explorer or Google webmaster to disavow links to your site. This will help google know not to use those links when recommending your site. Don't get penalized by Google for bad links.


9.  Contributor your knowledge to online publications.

Find a publication that fits your field and ask to be a contributor on this publication. This can help you build your brand with the publication and keep it consistent so visitors can recognize you with time. Release a PR and distribute your article to top online news outlets.


10. Re-purpose your blog content.

Use your blog posts to create PDF versions and share on sites like slide share. Re-purposing your content on different mediums will help it gain exposure to different audiences and drive relevant traffic back to your website.


11. Use Social media ads.

You can start using Social media ads to target your audience based on demographic, age etc. Use platforms like; TwitterFacebook,LinkedIn and YouTube for value inbound marketing.


12. Offer discounts.

Provide discounts and give people a good reason to visit your site for special deals and offers.


13. Optimize for Search engines.

With proper coding, structuring and meta data you can optimize you site to rank better on search engine results for selected keywords.


14. Social media posts with Call-to-action

Let users click through to your site on your social media page or post, such as marketing a service that is well needed.


15. Paid search ads.

Focus on your market keywords and create PPC ads with Google AdWords and Bing Ads. They are the best choices to build paid search traffic to your website. 



Use this tips strategically as you can focus on all at once. Try to create a road-map on how to market your business with this ideas and stick to a few of them at a time.

You also want to make sure all your content is unique enough to get the attention needed for more web traffic. 

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Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.