25 Things To Stop Doing To Achieve More - Entrepreneurship

Don't think you're important than anyone in this world. You’re just as important as everyone else based on what you do and how you do it, just be yourself. 


Then, read these 25 Things to stop doing to achieve more as an entrepreneur and also as part of your life. 


1. Admit your faults and take full responsibility for your actions. Blaming other people when shit happens, will only affect you going forward. Learn about responsibility and apply it to your life. 

2. Being afraid to spend money or invest in something new can affect you growth. If you worked for it, it's yours. Just make sure to manage it right and invest wisely for the future.

3. Assuming a huge pile of money will show up to change everything. You will never be fully satisfied, so use what you have and move on - the bigger pie is ahead.

4. Buying lottery tickets every day. This can be a drain in your pockets. Don't do it, you can become addicted to gambling, hence throwing your money away. Or get lucky, but it's not a wise investment if you don't have spare change. 

5. Don't believe everything you hear and see, research can give you better insights and propel you to other heights. Self knowledge and maturity can play a big part here. 

6. Don't Ignore advice even if you think it has no value – You might need it in the future! I have before, but found out the source of that idea wasn't someone I was willing to openly listen to at the time. 

7. Don't stop yourself from doing these things; watching a movie, reading a book or buying a product just because it’s hyped. One day, you’ll miss out on something you've always wanted but objected to getting. (But don't go on shopping sprees). 

8. Don't look too far into the future, use the present and build the future you want. You present situation and how you navigate through it will justify your future. 

9. Do not force your religious beliefs onto others. Believes are sacred and should be respected at all times. 

10. Don't erase the past, instead use it to build a better future that will help you accept it as part of your growth process. 

11. Ignoring the present moment. This shit is happening so pay attention.

12. Stop treating your body like a track machine. You’ll only have one body in this life time.

13. Don't allow other people to write your life story. They can do that when you are not here to testify. 

14. Don't bullshit people with advise, they can see right through it. Advise on things you have knowledge about. 

15. Smiling doesn't mean someone is happy, so respect the situation and don't assume. 

16. Blaming yourself for not realizing something was wrong! You didn’t know. Just move on and learn from your missteps. 

17. Stop suffering in silence. Ask for help some times, there will be one open ear who will listen and be there fore you. 

18. Doing the same thing over and over - and expecting a different result. If something isn’t working then try something new and keep trying other ways to get it right. No mediocre here - constant adaptation and change is key. 

19. Accept mistakes as part of the process, this is life. No mistakes, no experience, no gain, no growth! 

20. Don't live your life through others. Know the difference between inspiration and imaginary. The brain is easily fooled into thinking it was really there and then you start to believe what is not real.

21. Stop being jealous. It can destroy your life and positive relationships. 

22. Don't follow the crowd because you were pressured to do so. If you really don’t want to do something, then you have every right to say no and go about doing what you want.

23. Don't be silent. Always speak up to your intentions when it's right to do so.

24. Watching or listening to the news, should be at it's minimal due to negativity. Unless you enjoy the fray for life analysis. 

25. Stop being scared of succeeding. We don't like disappointments, so fear creeps up on us. Even the most respected athlete gets nervous on game night, the top CEO of that fortune 500 company get anxious doing meetings - so being scared comes as part of life. Use it to your advantage. 

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Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.