10 Tips to Make Your Brain Into An Idea Machine

So how do you make your brain into an idea machine?

It's a simple believe I hold inside, that we have the power to be extraordinary creatives if we put our mind to it. Everyone has different ways to connect with their creative side, be it designing products, negotiating or starting a new business, we all have it in us. To help you open your mind to your creative universe, I've put together 10 life tips that can help you get back on track and start being creative again.

Here are 10 Tips to Make Your Brain Into The Idea Machine you are!


1. Write all ideas on your phone/notepad.

Today we all own smartphones that have the capability to jot notes. Use this tools to help you keep your ideas fresh. Write down ideas in your notepad every time you have a version. Idea are like the gateway to your whole vision, as one idea can lead to multiple ideas that are improved over time. Always start with the small ideas that can be easily implemented then move to the grand stuff.


2. Keep your mind open.

Feel free to explore other things you don't understand or you haven't done before. Allow your mind to flow from one idea to another and use your environment to relate your vision. Go camping, running, picnic at the park with friends, skiing etc. Just do and experience activities you've never been part of in the past. 


3. Make it a habit to clear your mind before bed. 

Plan today for tomorrow and let it go. Since we can get really busy with our day, just make it a habit to write down ideas that will be tested the next day before you go to bed. It will give you direction and can prevent a creative block for the next day. I do this most nights and will strongly recommend you do the same.


4. Demonstrate ideas on paper or a drawing board.

Release your mind on paper or a drawing board if you happen to have one. Create graphs that represent your idea, draw and sketch your vision every chance you get. It's a simple fun way to visualize what is on your mind more clearly. Before I work on any project, I usually map things out before proceeded, using the map as my guide while twerking it along the way as my ideas accumulate.  


5. Gain experiences with other actions.

Doing things out of experience is good but also learning new things and adding to what you already know is gold. New work experiences will widen your perspective and will give you more motivation to carry out a task you saw almost impossible. 


6. Apart from taking idea note, say no to using electronics 24/7.

Keep your electronics off when you are ready to start working on your ideas and completely remove your mind from distractions. With this practice, you'll be more aware of what you are working on and spend your time on what really matters at hand. As time goes on, you'll be better at controlling distractions and focusing on the mission at hand without the need to constantly check on your social media account or who just texted you. Unless it's an emergency, most things can wait.


7. Be hydrated at all times.

The first thing I do in the morning is drink water to rejuvenate and stimulate my thoughts. Some people choose coffee which works fine too. View this as a morning ritual to fuel for your idea machine into motion. 


8. Be surrounded with like-minded people.

To stay creative and productive, you must hang out with like-minded people. People who can inspire you and give you constructive feedback. Build networks and stay connected to share ideas with each other. Get inspiration from people in your social group like Linkedin, and then expand your social group offline through meetups and business events around you. 


9. Finish things you started.

When you get something started, set a deadline and complete it on time. When you get in the habit of finishing what you started, you are one step away of being limitless. It's best to work on one idea at a time but if you are like me and can manage different tasks simultaneously then make sure to see the first project to the end before moving on to the next. Finishing projects and meeting deadlines will give you the feel of accomplishment and help boost you to get the next project completed on time.  


10. Keep you head high at all times.

Making sure you keep you self-esteem up. Don't feel your not creative enough to get your ideas going. Being creative is a state of how you feel and what you can do with that feeling, it is not necessarily how you think.  If you can't think of ideas very freely, give yourself a break and let it come to you based on your activities. As a habit ideas take time to make sense, so don't beat yourself and get frustrated.


Hope you can start putting your idea machine to work with these tips. The simple fact is, transforming your brain into captivating things that present a vision for you as this can be a life-changing process on all levels. It's you brain, so use it wisely to accomplish the things that drive your thinking.

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