E-commerce: 5 Tips To Improve Search Engine Rankings

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Running an eCommerce store will require primary focus on the specific keywords you'll like to rank for rather than shooting for the 1st place rank for keywords that won't convert into a sale. 

When you set out to build a sustainable online business, you'll see that data shows organic traffic to be the most dominant referral medium and it's an effective way to building traffic that will help grow your site over time. To see results, you’ll have to build an effective strategy to target searches that relate to your products or services. 

It doesn't take a rocket sciences to know there are billions of searches everyday  on Google search and you can be ranking for one of these searches if you create the right marketing strategy. Once you dig deeper, you will see how consumers utilize searches to find the products and services they want to purchase and how they get about taking action. 

A research from searchengineland.com shows how direct traffic to your site actually comes from 60% organic through google and other search engines. When you look at these stats, you'll begin to think about the possibility of growing your organic search and also seeing how you can convert those searches in to real customers. The big question is - will organic search directly impact my sales?

Yes, if you do research about your industry, product and the way online consumers search for similar products, you can begin to see what value SEO will play in your efforts to grow sales organically. Remember SEO builds residual traffic to your site, so when you start ranking well for your targeted keywords, you might see that your marketing budget will also drop but your sales volume will increase as you growing within the space. 

There are many aspects of SEO that might take longer to optimize, but you can start with these few tips to get you moving in the right direction. 


1. Create Unique Titles and Descriptions

You products should not look like dummies from the manufacturer. Make sure to create new product title and descriptions for all products you intend on selling online. Improve you product visibility on search by optimizing your targeted keywords to fit you product intent.

All descriptions should be well written to include important statements like; product impact on consumers life, value proposition, differentials and other content that can boost your products description and help a potential buyer engaged and willing to buy.  


2. Product Image optimization

When you sell a product online, the first impression is directly tied to the image of that product. Having a bad image, will only negatively affect you products potential to sell online. Improve you images and optimize with with targeted keywords for your products. Keep this focus and specific for all images per product.

This is how you should improve your products to increase visibility and sales; include the image name, alt tag of the image. short product description. Simply optimize the image to best suit the searches you are targeting on search. Once you've fully optimized you images, you will be able to see them when people also search for images on google and click through to your site. 


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3. Have A Mobile-friendly eCommerce Site

You cannot expect to be successful with your store if you don't have a user friendly mobile site. To solve this problem, make your website responsive and focus on building your store. Avoid creating two separate sites for web and mobile.

Use platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce to create a store that will help you grow without the worry of managing multiple sites. The main reason is to improve customer experience on your mobile site. If a shopper finds your site not optimized for mobile devices, you'll find yourself losing sales.  

You can also test your site to see if you are presently optimized for mobile using a tool created by Google in 2015. 


4. Set up your analytics

Marketing without tracking is for dummies. You'll need to track all your efforts to see whats working and where to improve going forward. Setup google analytics, see your traffic sources, find mediums that drive the most traffic and further see what traffic sources convert to customers. 

This will help you know what to focus more on and increase your chances of ranking organically for your targeted keywords. Since content is the key to improving your SEO, make sure to refine your content and share for inbound links. 


5. Content Creation Should Be Customer Focused

Your sites content should be created with your ideal customer in mind and should be created with a primary focus on intent and execution. Without the right content, valuable sites won't link back to you and you won't be able to rank for the keywords you're targeting. 

In order to gain referral traffic that will convert to sales, you need to provide significant value. Start re-purposing content that drives traffic to your site; Create eBooks, games, surveys and contests for your visitors. Don't stop there, also promote these content on other platforms. 

Use these tips to create and execute great content to build visibility and referral traffic to your eCommerce store:

  • Use sites like Quora to answer burning questions about your product or ask your own questions and get answers. 

  • Guest blog and then promote your content, using services like Drumup to increase social reach and referral traffic.

  • Use videos on your site to describe you products and how they can help solve a problem.

  • Produce useful videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo and host them on a resource page on your site. 

  • Start creating interesting and engaging photos that can be shared on social platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Use your customers to build your audience through sources content; including stories, pictures of products in use, testimonials, and even customer videos to improve trust and social proof for you products. This will help grow your brand organically. 


You can start implementing these strategies to improve your eCommerce site over time to rank on search engines for your targeted keywords. SEO is a process and will take some time to see results, but the long term results can be next to non in optimizing your product visibility and increases your online sales. Don't ignore it if you want to build a brand and expect it to be here in there next 10 years. If you have any question in regards to eCommerce SEO, get in touch and we'll see how we can help. 

Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of Backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.