Top 3 Crowdsourcing Software Solutions To Improve Your Business

Crowd sourcing is defined - as a process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially an online community, rather than from employees or suppliers. 

These are top rated tools, so you can make the best possible choice. 

Here are Top 5 Crowd-sourcing Software Solutions to get your next project on the road.


POEditor software is a collaborative localization platform, suitable for managing software translation workflows of all sizes.

You can bring your own localization team to POEditor to translate the strings in your software product, or you can use the power of your community and collect crowdsourced translations. 


Findyr software connects people with a global labor force they can task with finding local market data, information, photos, and videos.

With Findyr’s unique marketplace, collecting new information from anywhere in the world is as easy as typing a request into a search engine.

People use Findyr search results for media acquisition, tracking current events, market research, sentiment surveys, due diligence and macro & micro-economic data collection.  


OpenHedgeFund’s mission is to provide the best portfolio strategies, to the crowd by the crowd. 

Individual traders are empowered to create, test and run their investment portfolios (actively manage various different strategies simultaneously) through an all in one, simple to use, online professional tool.