Top 8 Educational Software Tools To Improve Your Skills

Lets be clear, Education is key to anything you want to accomplish. With good education comes knowledge and security. To make this easy, here are vetted top rated software solutions for your organization. These software tools have been rated and tested to accommodate most needs of any education organization structure.  

Here are 8 Top Educational software tools to improve your skills


Strivr software is a digital community that makes it easy for people to ask for, receive, and offer help. Initially established as a way for college students to perform helpful tasks for their peers- such as coffee runs and rides to the airport- Strivr has evolved to become a place where users can ask for assistance while while mounting a T.V unit or pondering which T.V show to start bench watching.

Strivr is currently a free app available on iOS, with an Android version in development. To keep up with all the latest Strivr news, please follow on Facebook and Twitter.  


Vectr software is an anonymous Q&A app for Android and iOS devices. The app allows a user to ask questions on any topic, the back-end algorithm then routes it to the best expert in that field who will respond to the inquiry. Each user is also an expert and answers questions accordingly. 


iLoveCoding software is an online platform which teaches JavaScript via Project-Based Video Screen-casts. They have interactive courses and tutorials in videos. In the courses section you learn the fundamentals of the programming language and in the tutorials section you implement your learning by building practical applications such as web apps, mobile apps, web features, games and many more. 

Tutors App

Tutors app is an iPhone application that connects students with nearby tutors to book sessions on the fly, or later. It saves students and parents time and money by matching students with a qualified tutor on a precise session, for 50­-80% less than with a typical company like Sylvan.  


Blobeo software is a marketplace for learners to connect with instructors who offer interactive live online courses. This is a platform to learn from a verified industry expert. No matter your age or profession, Blobeo provides a powerful e-Learning environment for you to learn with a purpose. software teaches students across the US modern programming with JavaScript so they can take roles as Software Engineers or launch their own ventures after graduating. is transforming Software Engineering Education through an immersive platform and academies at schools across the US including; Harvard, MIT & Stanford - One of the leading career accelerators in Los Angeles

"A to Z Converter"

"A to Z Converter" software provides a set of free converter tools to easily convert between anything to anything else. Be it Units, Colors, Age, Timezone or Currency. No downloads of numerous applications in order to satisfy your daily conversion needs. 

"rack up skills"

"RackUpSkills"  is a directory of websites where you can learn to do pretty much anything. "Rack Up Skills" categories include business, music, travel, technology, health and fitness, gaming, academic, family and many more.