Top 5 Agile Software Startups For Business Tasks Management

Agile software solutions are used to describe a set of principles for software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams to manifest positive work results.


Blossom software is a super lightweight project management tool for software developers. Managing software projects is really complicated so Blossom in a way takes the noise out of managing software development.

Blossom does all it can to get out of your way. You can even stay in your code base and update your project status from there.

This tool can be integrated tightly with Slack, Flowdock, Hipchat and Github. is a tool to us if you code and design for a living. Taiga Agile; it makes you better at your job. Taiga believes in Open Source because they are part of a global community that thrives on sharing creativity and skill.


TargetProcess is a  visual project management software for agile processes. You can visually manage complex work and focus on the things that matter.

With Targetprocess, visibility and transparency will show across your company.

This can be from Kanban and Scrum to almost any operational process within your organization, Targetprocess flexibly adapts to your management approach and organizational structure.


Everlist software is a collaboration platform that helps product teams define their road-map, assign tasks, track hours, document features, and get stuff done on time.


RealtimeBoard software is one of the simplest collaboration tool for project leaders, marketers, designers, developers and creatives. Realtimeboard is an endless flexible space, easily customization for any purposes.

Use it as a simple powerful whiteboard for jotting down ideas, or build a whole project remotely with your team.

RealtimeBoard allows you to create mock-ups and schemes, use post-it notes, write down ideas and leave feedback.