Top 3 Best Advice Software Startups For Better Decisions

We live in a world full of opinions, why not get advice from people you believe will give you the best possible advice - Be it in Business, Life situations or answers to questions bugging you down. To help you accomplish this goal, here are 3 best Advice software startup's that will help you get the necessary advice you need. 


Counsel software is an app that is designed to help you make better decisions in life using the wisdom of people who have been through similar situation or events.

With Counsel you can contact people anonymously to seek unbiased advice and opinions on your own terms. It could be anything from - relationship advice to career advice to opinions on technology, business and politics.

A single human being may not have enough wisdom and experience to make the best decisions, but if you combine the wealth of knowledge that mankind has gained as a species through time, we can make better decisions which will lead to a better life.


LawTrades software is the reinvention of legal services in the cloud (saas). If you are looking for an attorney but not sure where to start, well there is a solution for that. With LawTrade tool, you can find a lawyer & book your appointment online. 

Tell LawTrade about your legal project through text message and get a transparent price quote in minutes, so you can start your legal process without stepping out the door. 


Codex software can help you in finding the right advice, through a mentor to answer a specific question that can be tough to figure out on your own. With technology, you don't have to wait anymore to get the answers you need.

Codex tool provides you the advice you need, thanks to an innovative search engine. Define the type of advice you want to receive by selecting tags that relate to your question.

The Codex will accompany you in your search by displaying the most relevant mentors for your query. Once the selection is made, you can display the advice's.

The tips are short and very specific 1500 characters. You can upvote these tips, and contribute to rank organically on all the content. Codex is an app dedicated to every entrepreneurs dream.