Top 5 Accounting Software Startups You Should Try Today

Here are the top 5 newest accounting software solutions in the startup world, We have tested and choose the top 5 software solutions so you don't have to. Pick any one based on your companies needs and be sure to get organized. These software are top rated, so you are sure to get one that fits your business organization needs. 


InvoiceOcean is an accounting software that allows you to issue a variety of invoice related documents online and mobile. 

The need for InvoiceOcean is to provide a quick invoicing process for your business. In less than 30 seconds or so, you can create your invoice and send it to your customers online and mobile. With your personalized dashboard, you will be able to use this software in an easy way since all the most frequently used features are placed in the most strategic spots in your dashboard. Document numbering, client data, and VAT rates are provided automatically, so you can start sending our customized invoices in no time.


With Receiptron you don't need to save your receipts in a folder, save your receipts online! Take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone camera, then email it to Receiptron with a descriptive subject of the receipt.

Receiptron's helpful robot will save and categorize it for you, so that tax time is as painless and profitable as possible! Save receipts by email the same way - just forward them on to Receiptron, and it will put them in the same place as the others. Works well for small businesses and entrepreneurs on the go. 

Meet Harpoon, a financial goal-setting, time-tracking, and invoicing app for freelancers and consultants. While time-tracking and invoicing apps can help you organize your day as a team, Harpoon is a new way to approach your freelance finances.

At the core of Harpoon is the belief that setting goals for your business is the best way to guide you into making smart decisions that lead to growth and success. This software works best for people who do freelance jobs and need to manage their finances. 

Billit generates invoices that can be paid online. You can also check your income or expenses and track your business in very competitive prices based on your needs and how often you plan on use.

Most Freelancers and small-sized Enterprises will enjoy using billit cloud service. There is a Free 15 day trial, a Pro account and a Free plan for life! 

Tallisto is simple accounting for freelancers, entrepreneurs to help them manage their money quick and easy. You can use this application to complete a couple of task; Quickly enter transactions, fast activity reporting, Billing and invoicing.