Top 50 Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agencies to Consider

Looking for a digital marketing company in Los Angeles does not have to be an all year search. We have compiled the most advanced and professional digital marketing services that fit into company size, budget, and needs.

Stop searching and start getting proposals from expert marketers, who live and breath; SEO, Paid Search Campaigns, Social Media Advertising, Public Relations, and link building.

These Agencies provide Full-service Digital marketing Strategies; Search engine optimization (SEO), Paid search campaigns (PPC), Press Release distribution (PR) Distribution, Content creation, and marketing plus much more!

Sometimes going big won’t fit into your digital marketing budget, make it easier, use this guide to learn more about what you need to get started and also learn more about digital agency for beginners.


Best Performing Digital Marketing Agencies In Los Angeles

 Here are Top 50 Digital Marketing Companies to consider based on what type of digital marketing services you need to be completed. Discover services that focus on specific strategies like; Keyword Research, Search Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Content Creation and Promotions, Paid Search (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Press Release Distribution, Market research and Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Design, programmatic media, Integrated media, Visual Design.

1. Backlinkfy 

A professional digital marketing service for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses based in Los Angeles and helps businesses around the world with Search engine optimization, Link building, Content creation and Google Advertising campaigns (PPC). 

Backlinkfy develops customized strategies based on your business needs to generate awareness, increase site traffic and generate more leads and revenue. Find ways to promote your small business, get more targeted visitors to your website, search for top-reviewed software solutions to improve your business productivity. Check out Backlinkfy Digital Marketing Guides for more resources. Based in Los Angeles but serves small businesses exclusively online or in-house if your company is based in Southern California.

Primary Services:

  • Market research and Development.

  • Keyword research and implementation.

  • SEO/Link Building strategy and implementation.

  • Content Creation and Outreach Campaigns.

  • Paid Search Optimization Management (PPC).

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


2. Blitzagency 

Being the best does not necessarily mean being the most famous. They craft beautifully useful, connected ecosystems that grow businesses and build enduring relationships between brands and humans.

Primary Services:

  • Programmatic media

  • Paid search

  • Integrated media

  • Strategy


3. Weareblendla

Blend is a Brand Studio. It creates and produces engaging technology and content across all media channels.

Primary Services:

  • Strategy

  • Creative

  • Production


4.  Useallfive

Design and technology studio based in Los Angeles that values long term client relationships built on a commitment to quality strategic thinking and excellence in execution.

Primary Services:

  • Branding

  • Graphic & Web Design

  • Creative Digital Production


5.  Breel

B-Reel creates meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling, technology, entertainment, and products. B-Reel commands a global presence, with offices in Stockholm, New York, London, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Barcelona.

Primary Services:

  • Independent strategy

  • Creative and technology 


6. Corra

Corra is a New York, Los Angeles, and London based digital agency that delivers high performing ecommerce solutions for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and retailers on all channels and all devices.

Primary Services:

  • Branding and Art direction

  • In-depth consumer research

  • UX strategy

  • Visual Design


7. Dburnsdesign

DBurns is an award-winning, result-driven Digital Agency in Los Angeles. DBurns is a multi-cultural team of Strategists, Designers, and Developers that are passionate about creating Digital Solutions with a focus on generating results.

Primary Services:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Website Development

  • Digital Marketing

8. Directiveconsulting

Directive Consulting is fiercely committed to delivering exceptional results and measurable ROI via SEO, PPC Advertising, and Content Marketing. Located in Irvine and Los Angeles.

Primary Services:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • Content marketing

  • Paid Social

  • PR


9. Hugeinc

Huge is a full-service digital agency. Huge design experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. They help clients in Loas Angels and around the country.

Primary Services:

  • Website Design

  • UX Design

  • Product management

  • Copywriting

10. Mindgruve

Mindgruve is a modern marketing agency composed of strategists, creatives, marketers, and engineers from around the world driven by one common purpose – create groundbreaking ideas in marketing and technology that move the needle.

Primary Services:

  • Media Planning and Buying

  • Creative

  • Research

  • Brand communication & Design

11. Possible

Possible is a creative agency that cares about results. With over 25 offices spanning five continents, Possible boasts some of the best creative minds on the planet.


12. Razorfish

A pioneer of marketing in the digital age, Razorfish has a unique blend of technology, creativity and media at its core.


13. Red-Ff0000

RED is a full-service digital agency that has deep areas of focus to effectively partner with brands and drive their business forward. From brand strategy and marketing/social campaigns to site and product development, RED finds gaps in the marketplace and brings its unique brand of innovation to the digital landscape.


14. Screenpush

Screenpush was founded in 2009 as a full-service digital marketing agency built around a core of web and mobile application development.


15. Spinxdigital

Welcome to SPINX, a Los Angeles based Digital Agency. SPINX Digital is a purveyor of creativity – from Website Design and Application Development to Strategic Planning and Holistic Marketing, SPINX Digital leverages its technical prowess and industry knowledge to develop real-life experiences for brands.


16. Struck

Struck is a digital-forward creative agency making brands greater than.


17. Hellodesign

Third Floor is a full service, digital-first agency. They create experiences that help companies and organizations thrive. Based in Los Angeles, California.


18. Toi

Toi is a full-service digital agency with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Buenos Aires. With a focus on user experience and strategy, they design and develop web and mobile experiences.


19. TvGla

TVGla is an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in creating powerful, engaging connections with consumers through all digital platforms.


20. Wpromote

Wpromote is a Commerce Agency, driving integrated marketing strategies for B2B, Ecommerce, and Direct Response businesses. Wpromote runs fully digital marketing campaigns where the results are truly greater than the sum of their parts.

 21. Badassembly

Bad Assembly is an award-winning digital advertising agency located in historic downtown Los Angeles. They’re a close-knit team of designers, programmers, musicians, photographers, illustrators, writers, gamer's and thinkers.


22. Boldbeyond

Bold+Beyond is a digital creative agency with offices in Paris and Los Angeles. The core of their business is to create ideas based on the brand’s DNA in order to inspire consumers.


23. Criticalmass

Critical Mass is a mix of people and ideas with a history of amazing results. It’s their culture and their discipline – a whole greater than the sum of its parts and a catalyst for extraordinary experiences.


24. Deepfocus

Deep Focus is the digital agency for the social age. They reject the agency status quo to get to what matters most: brand-building work that resonates with consumers who increasingly live beyond the reach of advertising.


25. Thisisdk

Digital Kitchen is an independent content first creative and digital agency with offices in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. The award-winning agency is a collective of artists, writers, musicians, animators, filmmakers, strategists, and producers who create integrated connections between brands and consumers in converging media.


26. Hellodesign

Hello is a creative digital agency. They create intelligent, living systems for people to experience.


27. Inhance

Inhance is a leading, digital creative agency best known for transforming complex subject matter into compelling, interactive experiences for its Fortune 100 and 500 clients.


28. Janueljohnson

The voice of a new generation in brand awareness. Januel+Johnson is a kick ass creative and branding agency based in Los Angeles, California, that creates contemporary strategies and then executes them to perfection. The “one-stop shop” that you’ve always been searching for.


29. KBS 

Kbs+ (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners) is a global advertising agency headquartered in New York City. Kbs+ is the brand agency for an inventive world.


30. Possible

Possible is a creative agency that cares about results. With over 25 offices spanning five continents, Possible boasts some of the best creative minds on the planet.

31. Readysetrocket

RSR makes smart look beautiful. Driven by powerful data analysis, they create connected experiences that transform human behavior into user interaction.


32. Rgaagency

Now at 1,000 employees and still growing, R/GA has offices in some of the most diverse markets in the world. Diversity is part of R/GA as an agency, and it’s one of the secrets of their success.


33. Rokkan

Born from digital. Evolved into a fully integrated agency.


34. Stinkdigital

Stinkdigital is an award-winning production agency consisting of interactive creatives, developers, animators, UX designers, interactive producers, content producers and directors who work together as a team to create innovative and engaging interactive experiences.


35. The1stMovement

The1stMovement is a Digital Innovation Agency. They leverage digital to inspire, engage, and transform leading brands worldwide.


36. Zambezila

Zambezi is a fully independent creative agency driven by the belief that creativity is and will always be the most powerful storyteller. Fostering personal and honest relationships with their clients is at the core of who they are.



Watson Design Group is an independent digital creative boutique founded in 2005.They specialize in innovative creative and online development and are driven by serious passion for what they do.


38. Evb

They use creativity, technology, and their grasp of culture to make brands meaningful, profitable and famous. They are located in Colorado and California.



A full-service advertising agency behind some of the industry's most iconic creative work.


A digital studio based in San Francisco. Clients include Google, Square, Motorola, One Kings Lane, Microsoft, and YouTube.



Located in Culver City, Prettybird is a creative think tank that provides clients with distinct visionary work across the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.



This company represents top-tier artists of the advertising industry. Tool's group of talented individuals includes: directors, photographers, cinematographers, technologists, mobile content creators, and video game designers.


43. Mullen

A full-service, integrated advertising agency known for its television, print, and digital work, web design and social media.



This company develops strategies, advertising, and creative content for some of the world's most iconic brands.


45. ActiveTheory

Active Theory is a creative digital production studio based in Venice. They specialize in building digital experiences that people love.


46. Lazbro

We provide turnkey digital marketing solutions.


47. MoxieUSA

Companies of thinkers and makers, built to create marketing solutions.


48. Mutesix

They go the Extra mile to give their clients the Best.


49. Firesnap

Specialized in digital marketing, sales enabling & marketing automation.



A creative company that puts people at the center of everything it does.

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