Top 9 Best Blogs For Startup Products and Marketing Today

Getting your startup to feature on blogs can be challenging. We have put together a list of startup blogs that are sure to get your startup publicity and get more users in the process. 

Advertising your startup can be very costly, but if you’re new to the public relations process you may not know where to look. Our list of startup blogs include resources that can help you better understand your market and how customers will interact with your business. 

Most journalists cover startups at large media organizations, this list only focuses on publications exclusively dedicated to startups, mobile applications and disruptive technologies.

Here is a List of Startup Blogs

Mashable – This blog focuses on Social media, startup and Internet culture news around the world but mostly silicon valley.

TechCrunch – Gold standard for startup news, funding announcements, product launches and industry trends in today's startup world.

AllThingsD – All things Digital brings technology industry news, funding and acquisitions that also includes "Kara Swisher’s viral videos".

VentureBeat – News about Innovations, startup funding and entrepreneurship coverage for unique startups.

GigaOm – The Clean tech industry news, publishing industry and media news with some startup coverage depending on focus.

Right Startups – A dedicated blog for startup news and resources. Mostly covers early-stage web entrepreneurs and mobile app developers.

Right Startups – Startup news and reviews. The ability to pitch your company to be featured. Startup “deadpooling,” when companies fail is also covered.

Quartz – This startup of Atlantic Media (parent company of The Atlantic) reports on disruptive startups making big waves in the market.

 Startup Beat – News for Early-stage funding and investments, as well as views and opinions from startup entrepreneurs across the world.