How A Digital Marketing Assistant Can Help With Strategy

Thinking of starting a Social Marketing Campaign?

Success begins with a good plan. A good plan, in turn, begins with research to understand which solutions might offer the best outcomes for your marketing challenges. A digital Marketing assistant is there to help with these challenges.

We shall see in just a few steps how a digital marketing assistant can help to develop a good strategy. From Formats, Trends, Influence and Engagement techniques that will be embedded into your campaign strategy for success.

1. Social Content Calendar For Marketing

A successful marketing effort relies on your ability to deliver the content that audiences want, when they want it and in simple terms. A Digital Marketing assistant takes an in-depth study of the formats in the market, sparing you the hassle. After this is completed, you are rest assured to get in-front of the right audience.

2. Marketing Trend Report

Marketers are working faster than ever to keep up with the content preferences of digital audiences as this changes every day. A myriad of tools and options have been developed for marketers and advertisers to engage online, and so a digital marketing assistant sets out to see which are rising (or falling) in popularity.

3. Influencer Marketing is important for your company

After learning which marketing tools and tactics are being most searched, a digital marketing assistant can find out what marketing influencers are saying about your industry.

For example, searching all tweets that contained at least one marketing keyword or hashtag from a list - say:

  • Media Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Brand Recognition
  • Earned Media
  • PR
  • Public Relations
  • Publicity
  • Press Release

4. Engagement on social media

Finally, with all the fascinating data collected above, correlated and analyzed, your company can have a clear engagement plan.

For example, new study from Stone Temple rounds out an example of a research. In their research on Twitter engagement, 1.94 million tweets revealed that social authority can have a great deal of influence over how various messaging tactics will engage followers.

Thus, social media marketing and the importance of a Digital marketing assistant, should not be underestimated.