Top 10 Reasons To Enjoy Working For A Startup

Where did you find your first part time or full time job?

At a restaurant, clothing store - This are some of the responses I get from people. Some are just companies that make money without contributing too much to change, while others are on a mission to completely change the way society says things. 

Startups are created to scale, so don't get mistaken between a local store front and a business designed to grow over time to thousands, if not millions of customers and vendors.

So in the job market, you need to know where you are applying and how that affects your future growth in your career. 

Here are 10 simple reasons why you need to work for a startup company; 


1. Start-ups are the future

The U.S economy is recovering and in better shape today than in 2008. Growth keeps going up. Loads of American and foreign start-ups are emerging.

In 2015, over 500,000 start-ups were created in the United States every month, expected to grow to more than 600,000 start-up creations per month for 2016.

Startups bring new concepts to life, boost the economy and create wealth than is tangible for the future. But these start-ups are looking for people to sustain their development, meaning there are a lot of innovative jobs out there!


2. Multitasking

When working for a start-up, you get the opportunity to see and assist your boss every day. Thus, you get many occasions to share your point of view, give new ideas on management, communication processes, strategy and even business development.

All your suggestions will be welcome. And you will also get to work on all aspects of the business because everything needs to be done.


3. Real work

Start-ups are like kids in the beginning stages of life. They need help to grow up and be able to walk. They don’t shape their identity by themselves.

Everything you do can make a difference. Every single decision can contribute to the success (or the failure) of the startup company.

Being truly part of something is really exciting and pushes you to think creatively all the time and make improvements. You create value and get to see the results of your work and of your colleagues’ work first-hand.


4. Unique work framework

A Start-up CEO knows employees need to work in a good environment and in a friendly office setting, that’s little bit of why they started their business in the first place.

Start-ups have unique ways of working on productive tasks for scaling growth. It helps stimulate innovation towards the next project. You won’t be stuck to a desk (unless you want to).

You will work in an open space, around the comfort of coworkers who share the same ideals. Share ideas with your colleagues openly in a safe environment. Your work place can sometimes end up feeling like your second home.


5. Risk-taking

Entrepreneurs seek and develop new opportunities that make a change in some industry. Opening a business is like going on an adventure without exactly knowing how things will go but still confident it will be fun.

Uncertainty is constant but motivating in the sense that you are able to see results - be it Good or Bad.

Working for a start-up is a philosophy, that bets on the future. You have to keep exploring and need to believe in the project even if it fails. In the end, you will be rewarded for your tenacity and success.


6. Autonomy and independence

Start-up founders are really busy. Being proactive is key to the business’s development. They have to take care of the business.

Thus, they cannot always supervise what their employees are doing. They trust your abilities and judgment on tasks, that's why the brightest and the willing shine from hard work usually prevails.

They know you will be able to make good decisions, accurately perform your tasks and achieve goals with datelines met.

The trust they place in you is really rewarding and allows you to implement your ideas.


7. Innovation

Start-ups must constantly innovate to survive. They have to stand out from the competition even with limited resources. Innovation is not innate and can be taught. You will learn how to do more with less.

Working with highly enthusiastic and passionate people will inspire you to do great things for yourself in the future.

Innovative ideas will spark from everywhere, mainly because of the appropriate work environment. You will identify problems and will be able to solve them in a really creative way.


8. Shaping culture around you

Start-ups bring exciting people together and make work a fun environment.

Nothing is more rewarding than feeling excited about going to work and shaping the culture around you.

Your ideas, practices and background will contribute to shape the business’s identity and growth of its work culture, to make it a fun place to work.


9. Networking: meet and learn

Every year, there are lots of events for the start-ups. You will meet new people; leaders in your industry, venture investors, - have the opportunity to work on your elevator pitch and to discover new concepts.

You will also have loads of opportunities to learn: pitches, meet ups, blogger events, master classes, etc.


10. Starting your own venture

You will learn from the best and have a first insight on what an entrepreneur’s life is. Working for a start-up will give you essential knowledge and skills on how to open your own business. 

How to achieve goals with limited resources, execute your strategy and implement strong business operations within a short period of time.

You will also develop a network that will be useful while launching and developing your business.