10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Push Through Adversity

Adversity and failure must come; there is no way around it. As humans, we believe everything should work in our favor, unfortunately life always plays out differently. 

As Coach Bill Walsh said, “Almost always, your road to victory goes through a place called ‘failure'." Face adversity head on and stay focus on why you started in the first place. 

To help you get through this times, here are some tested and true ways of pushing through adversity in everything you do.

1. Enthusiasm In Everything You Do

Enthusiasm really is contagious and will play a great part in changing your mindset about things.

There is a saying "If you don’t believe in your idea, no one will". Having or even more importantly, maintaining your enthusiasm for your ideas is a must as an entrepreneur.

I know I’m always willing to listen to someone who wants to grow, someone excited about the future even when it looks bleak at the present day, upbeat and eager to share his/her story without any questions. I can’t help it but enjoy the tail. My direct reaction is automatically enthusiastic. 

2. Curiosity To Learn

If you are always asking why? 

You have a thirst for knowledge (and curiosity is key). You are unafraid of experimenting with new methods or technology to solve problem or find a solution to a foreseen problem.

You ask yourself regularly, “What can I do better today to make this better tomorrow?”

You read. When someone think he/she already knows it all, I think, what do I really have to offer this person?

We don't know it all and never will, you can be very knowledgeable about certain fields of studies or business, but there is always room for growth! 

3. Urgency In Your Work

If you don’t have a sense of urgency in what you do, you will never get anything done in life. If you try hard enough, you will always be able to think of a reason why you can’t do it now.

Instead, think less and do more. In my business, I am constantly asking myself:

What do we/I have to do to move this ship now, not tomorrow - now?

Without urgency, you will miss the market for your idea if you do not act Now. You are not alone in one industry and you must be willing to fight on to succeed. 

4. Momentum In Your Work

Life happens and sometimes things just don't work as planned. Do what you have to do to keep things moving. In other words, don’t wait to respond to an email until the next morning.

Don’t wait to call a client back today, if they are not ready - Keep it going!

Momentum is as important for your state of mind as it is your business. If you’re not pushing, your business will suffer, and you will become discouraged as a result.

5. Focus On Your Goals

What are you trying to achieve over time - 3, 6, 12 months down the line? How are you going to make it happen with what you have?

Create a road-map, follow it religiously and stick to it for proper execution. Only then will you understand how important its is to focus on your goals.

6. Empathy For Others

Don’t lose sight of what’s really important. Before you become angry, try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Build empathy towards others and make it a nature to do so. 

Yes, you have your ambition - but you’re still human. It’s hard to relate to someone who doesn’t think of anyone else. You need to connect with real feelings and be authentic.


7. Temperament

Things will go wrong sometimes, if not often. Developing the ability to weather storms calmly and without overreacting will serve you throughout your life. Build Temperament that outlasts your troubles to succeed. 

If you lose your cool and act radically, others will respect you less. And in addition to the original problem, you will have created other issues to resolve!

8. Find a mentor

“When the student is ready the teacher appears to make it worthwhile.”

Good mentors don’t just teach others; they inspire others to do the same and continue the growth process. They raise the bar not so you will fail but so you will grow, not so you curse defeat but so you appreciate gain.

To me a good mentor - "Real mentors do not change who you are, they change who you believe you can become."

9. Outwork Your Competition

Dreams are a chassis but sweat is the fuel. Imagine a Ferrari in the driveway – nice to look at, but without gas, it sits idle and drains your pocket.

Success is earned by tuning out the noise and leaning into the stone for more power. Don't think about luxury as a sign of succeeding, let luxury represent your lifestyle. Stay working hard and outwork your competition on every front.

10. Be Passionate Always

The most important of all is passion. When faced with adversity, it can be hard to dream big or even think positively.

Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming. Being passionate about something – anything – gives clarity to dreams, lifts our spirit, sharpens our focus and creates a vision of better times ahead.

After my dad passed away in 2005, I learned how to create things that made me happy and kept me energized to reach my next goal.