5 Amazing Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out

Being in a competitive market is great. This means more high-quality choices for customers looking to satisfy their needs. But this is also a challenge for entrepreneurs, who need the same share of the market to grow. This makes it hard to stand out from the crowd and gain ground.

The good news is, there are simple ways to make your business count in this crowd. Following a strict strategy can be the answer to your dreams. All you need is a shift in mindset, so you can see venues for improvement. 

Use these strategies to improve mindset and approach to getting your business out of the loop. 

1. Be Consistent in your marketing

Humans always want to know things are consistent. Whether it's watching our favorite  tv series on the same time slot every week or shopping from the same grocery store we love, that's all part of being consistent with our activities.

Your business has to be consistent in its  marketing activities too - and doing the right job for your customers on a regular basis to see results.

To get you in motion, here are some easy ways to make your business more consistent and gain ground in your niche:

  •  Keep your site or business content fresh on a regular schedule - so your customers can return to check out new stuff.
  •   Your branding should stay consistent through the board. 
  •   Structure should be unique in every aspect., including design and keywords.  

  Make things predictable for your customers, and you will see the repeat effect of them coming back for more, over and over again. With be consistent, your customers will know what to expect and shop with ease, knowing what to find.  


2. Opposite side

It can be tempting to see a successful product or service and then try to replicate. While this can be good, there are many pitfalls.

For example: Creating a product like a best selling book on the New York Times is tempting. It's tempting because it's guaranteed to generate sales in the short term, the problem is that you've just become a "a clone" brand. Meaning, you run the risk of becoming a generic brand, like something they already know. 

At first you'll make sales but it's no way to make a lasting business. Why? Because you'll blend in with the mountains of other similar products.

The result? Potential customers can't remember your brand and don't have brand loyalty.

So how do you avoid becoming a "clone" business and still take advantage of trends in the market?

Start doing the opposite of your competitors when you develop a similar business. The key is to stay unique and have features that are solely offered by your business only. 


3. Be Personal with you customers

It will cost 3 to 5 times more to get a new potential lead than a customer based on research by Forbes magazine.

With that said, it's actually much easier to convince existing customers to buy than to convince new leads. Take advantage of this by reaching out to your existing customers and making sure their needs are being met.

Here are some easy ways to reach out:

  • Send out occasional newsletters and promotions 
  • Be where they are on social media 
  • Get feedback on new products by asking your present customers

This will take a lot of your time, but it's worth the value to retain them with personal interactions. With this meaningful interaction you can gain trust and loyalty towards your customer for years.

4. Give Something worthy Away for Free

In marketing and sales, one word carries a lot of power. You might be wondering! 

If you think FREE! You nailed it on point. Free stuff is like food, everyone will dine. The desire to get something for free (that is perceived as valuable) is irresistible.

Don't get it wrong when shelling out value. There's a right and wrong way to give free stuff.

Why is there a wrong way, you might ask?

Giving away something that does not match the presentation.

For example, Giving away free E-books but end up giving you customers nothing but a one page document. That's a guaranteed disappointment and people will know the difference. This will make these potential leads detest you.

The right approach will be giving away something so good you could charge a fee for it. The best way to do this is to - giveaway something that you will usually sell but with a limited time and quantity or the first 100 people to download for free. 


5. Be "The Go To Guy" in your niche

People tend to think of people and business in a very simple way. For example, people might categorize your business like this:

  • The party shop on 9th st
  • My favorite ice cream shop 2 miles away
  • The only food store with fresh vegetables 

As you read this list, I imagined you thinking about a particular business that fits the medium. You will need your business to gained mental real estate in customers' minds so they can clearly identify your business without even mentioning the business name.

Choose a logical identity for your business. Maybe you're the milk guy or the street sign advertising guy, or the brains behind a software company.

Don't worry about being associate with a particular identity. You can always expand into new things while still keeping your foundation business. First, start by gaining a place in your customers mind.

Let your business stand out by focusing, instead of being that random business that jumps on every trend just to make a sale and grow to become really what you are. All you need is time and strategy.