20 Outlets To Share Your Blog Post After Publishing

Gone are the days where you could write a post and get readers flowing in the hundreds, even thousands a day. With more website, blogs and platforms offering different types of content, it's almost impossible to get readers to you blog. 

In order to make sure you are not a ghost town, you can share your posts to other sources for more readership and exposure.

Don't be discouraged as everyone faces the same problem, so focus on getting the word out about your post using different mediums of communication. 

With this list of how and where to share your blog post, you won't need to use all the platforms on this list - but get started as to make it a routine on sharing your posts to the masses. 

Here are 20 outlets to get your posts reach the masses today!


1. Twitter

backlinkfy twitter

Post your content to Twitter after publishing on your blog. Make sure to use relative hashtags and focus on your followers. To make this easier, add share buttons to help you share a link directly from your website. 


2. Google Plus

Use google plus to share your blog posts and have them indexed by google. Have others use the plus +1 button to share and like your content.

Today, Google plus is now part of the Google app family - this is the best time to integrate all your marketing efforts using a platform built and trusted by Google.  


3. Facebook

Use your Facebook page and profile accounts to post as many directives and article links from your blog that will engage your friends, fans and followers. Make sure not to post too often about business content.

Rather recreate this content to be more engaging and build a following of active readers, who can also share your content if they value your post. 


4. Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Make your Facebook Ad more catchy and attention grabbing, so people can enjoy clicking to read your newly published blog article.

Ads look like regular posts, except they have a "sponsored" tag at the top of the ad copy. 


5. LinkedIn

linkedin backlinkfy

Build many connections on LinkedIn, get involve in groups, share your articles on your business page and also on your personal page.

Post your freshly written article to groups you are part of on LinkedIn and ask them to share.


6. SlideShare

slideshare backlinkfy

Use power point or other tools and Create PDF presentations with your articles, make a slideshow based on the topic of your articles and upload to slide share.

Publish article and link in the description of the slide, this will enhance click through to your article source page.


7. Single Ad

blog ads

Get in contact with a quality email list provider and create a single ad based on the topic of articles you will like to promote.

Have your article including in out going newsletters. For this marketing effort, make sure the list is directly related to what you are offering. (This comes with a fee)


8. PDF Site submission

pdf submission sites

Create pdf versions of your articles and submit to top pdf-hosting platforms. These platforms have a high volume of visitors who can also share your articles if they find your content useful. Some sites to consider; 

All PDF Hosting and sharing sites have a page authority above 50/100 which can help you get a better SERP. 


9. Optimize articles for Search engines

google search backlinkfy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing should always be a priority as that's where you will be getting most of your traffic for your keywords in the long run.

Search engines like; Google - will always give you a better ranking and quality visitors, since these visitors are actively searching for information or help using phrases related to your content.


10. News Media sites


Do not ignore this strategy, find news sites within your niche and submit your article links for more exposure.

Some will reject your content but go by the number and submit to multiple outlets in order to increase your chances.


11. Utilize Infographs

Example: Courtesy of Anna Vital

Example: Courtesy of Anna Vital

You don't need to be a design guru to create infographs in this modern day.

Today, you can utilize data from your articles and create a beautiful Infographic diagrams using platforms like Venngage or Piktochart.


12. Press Release

Write a Press releases that will be represent you service or article and have it distributed to news sources such as Fox news, NBC, CW, Forbes, Google news, Huffpost, ABC etc.

Press release are effective when you have a new product or service to announce. 


13. Advertise on Google Adwords

google ads

Create an ad for your article with a link back to your article's page. Let Google Adwords advertise your post with pay per click while you monitor and optimize your campaign.

This will work well if you are trying to collect leads from your content. Also make sure to include a contact form, so visitors can fill out if they need more information.

Best if you have a professional as this will cost you some money. 


14. Contest and giveaways


Start a contest where your participants have to share your article on their social networks or to other publication sites they might have access to for sharing. 

For contests and other giveaways, try these sites;



15. Promote other articles in your niche

promote articles

Sharing is good and when you share, you gain Karma. Start promoting other articles, in return -you will get help promoting your content from other readers.


16. Build an email list

email marketing - backlinkfy

Have people subscribe to your blog easily using their email. Offer an incentive to subscribers such as a free e-book download or tips they can't find anyway else. When you create a new post that is helpful, share it with your email list and see the readership explode. Email marketing is still very effective depending on your approach. 

Use sites like:



17. Webinars

webinar - backlinkfy

Host a webinar session. Post your article link on your webinar page and have your audience click on it. Use the webinar as an introduction to your article with questions and answers. This will be a good opportunity to ask for shares. 

These are some webinar software sites to try;


18. Social media tools

Use social media tools to select the most effective time for reaching a vast audience. Schedule your post to go out at these times, distributing your articles to various social media platforms. Get your readership numbers all the way up. 

Some effective Social Media Tools include:


19. Blog Comment

blog comment

Pick 4 to 5 blogs and try to be placed in the top three for optimal promotion of your article’s link, within the relevant comment. Make sure your comment is directly related to the post at hand. Any off topic comments will be viewed as spam.

*Some bloggers will not include your link or even approve your comment if you use this method. Try as much as possible to be genuine.


20. Banner Advertising

banner ads

Find an engaging blog, offer a deal to the owner and display a banner ad to your post on his/her blog for more exposure. This will cost you a little fee, but hey - you can get exposure and ROI. 

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