How To Manage Your Time, 5 Easy Tips As An Entrepreneur

When doing your daily tasks, it's possible to forget about how time flies by. We have one day with 24-hours to make a difference, within 24-hours you need sleep, food, work and errands - so how do you manage your time?  

Here are 5 Tips to manage your time more effectively; 

1. Delegate daily tasks that you are not very versed with and focus on the things that can be completed faster. Things you should not focus on - For example: If you are focused on writing content, you should not be involve in the whole marketing concept, rather focus on producing great content. 

2. Be Interested in activities or conversations that are important to your success, you should have a time assigned for all these activities. Use appointments books and keep it simple. Schedule all your self thinking meetings, conversations and discussions - then set your prioritized meeting to have a begin and end time. 

3. Practice not looking or answering the phone when it rings for the duration of your meetings or work. Unless it's very important and need attention right away, most things can yet a little more until you complete you tasks. 

4. During work Stop checking your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms that can be distracting - Unless you are using them for marketing purposes. 

5. Spend 30-45 minutes working on the ideas that seem easier to accomplish. After completing the easier tasks, focus more on seeing that it yields results before going onto the bigger ideas on your plate. 


As an Entrepreneur, running a business or businesses is time consuming as you assume a lot of different duties. For you to be success as an entrepreneur - All you need is structure in your chaotic schedule. Start practicing these tips, add more to your daily life and live by these rules to stay focus and effective.  


Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years.  He is currently founder and CEO of and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.