20 Cheap Or Free Strategic Ways To Promote Your Small Business

After using some very efficient marketing strategies for my clients with exceptional results, I will like to share 20 Tips on how to get your small business or startup promotion on the road.

We've made it easy for you to understand every marketing channel by segmenting them into categories.

Lets get started...

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Flash Marketing and Public Relations

1. Publish a well written press release twice a month about your product or service and distribute it to media outlets. 

2. Write for a blog or magazine and have them link back to your website. Make sure it's a do-follow link from a reputable website. Find some sites that will pay you to write articles about topics you are knowledgeable about. 

3. Research local newspaper and ask a journalist out for lunch or dinner. Start building a relationship with them, over time send a good story about your company and you will appreciate the friendship. To get started, you can use PressFarm or Help A Reporter.

4. If you live in an apartment building, ask your building management to put flyers or business cards at the lobby or somewhere visible in the building with high foot traffic.

5. Give one of your products away for free or provide a free service for one of your clients and ask for a referral.

6. Write an eBook that helps others - a guide to something, short story, tips, how-to etc. Attach your business logo or tag line and promote it as a free download online

Try Old Fashion marketing

7. Buy "Thank You" cards, use a pen and write a short thank you message to a client. With the card, include a loyalty card for every time they tell a friend about your business, they get a discount. People love it and it works!

8. Set a date and have an open house at your office. Send out local invitations.

Create Events

9. Start a local contests and donate your product or service as a grand prize.

10. Create a Facebook event about your company and share with your friends or a group.

11. Sponsor a local event by donate money or equipment to that event.

12. Give a local businesses an amazing review on yelp or other mediums using your company name. Local businesses love positive reviews, and the more they have on the Internet, the better. So help out your local businesses by being a good customer, and they will return the favor. 

Online Quick Tips

13. Be an active Participant on Q&A websites like; Quora, yahoo questions and build connections.

14. Create an online survey and host it on your blog.

15. Give discounts to people who share your product posted on social media or your blog. 

16. Offer a 10 series of “How-To” within 30 days to your email subscribers twice a week.

17. Use a social media management tool and schedule post to Facebook, twitter and Instagram daily. Make this consistent with new content every day.

18. Re-purpose content from your blog, Webinars, turn a white paper into a series of newsletters with a link to download the rest for free on your website.

19. Use commenting to engage with other blogs in your niche and build a connection with them.

20. Offer a testimonial video or endorsement script from a customer on your website.

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