25 Strong SEO Tips and Techniques You Will Adore

Want to know more about Search Engine Optimization?

Who doesn't if they own an online business that is struggling.

Here are 25 strong tips for search engine optimization you will adore. If you understand the concept of SEO and are knowledgeable this tips will help you improve your footing.

1. Start with making your content unique

Build unique content that elevates with your audience and focuses on your targeted keywords. See unique content examples


2. Update content regularly

Websites that contain new content on a regular basis, are viewed as more reliable than sites with old or outdated content. This will not only keep your site fresh with new unique content but will also push you site rankings on search engines.


3. Find great inbound links

If content is so important for your overall growth, then links should be equally important to increase your sites authority and trust. Make sure links to you site (backlinks) are logically earn through great content and relevance to you site.


4. Research great keyword phrases

Research and find great keyword phrases for different pages within your site. Your site should be optimize for multiple keyword phrases in order to rank for more keywords. So focus on creating pages for specific keywords or keyword phrases. Some keyword research tools.


5.  Keyword phrases - Not single keywords

Focus your site on keyword phrases not single keywords. Most single keywords are very broad, so your website might show up for the wrong purpose.  

For example: If you store sells chocolate;

Use "white chocolate frosting store" NOT "white chocolate store"


6. Make use of Image ALT attributes

Make use of keywords and keyword phrases in image ALT attributes, text links, and hyperlinks on your pages. This will help optimize your images for search engines.


7. Only Quality Link building

Before you get started with link building, make sure it's quality, not quantity. Getting one authoritative link from a reputable site is more than 10 crappy links with no attributed value.


8. Find .org, .gov or .edu

Find and get .org .gov or .edu  backlinks. These sites carry heavy authority in the eyes of search engines. So getting a link from any if this sites gives you more juice to rank better on search.


9. Simple site-maps

Create a simple site-map (XML Sitemap) and upload to Google webmaster, so search engine like; Google can easily crawl and identify your site. It won't help your ranking instantly, but it will give search engines a better understanding of your site, which can help it eventually rank high in the future.  


10.  Don't stuff keyword phrases

Make every content as natural as possible for your users to read. Stuffing keywords to get rankings, will only destroy you footing in the long run. Your content should be readable by humans but good for search spiders to crawl and understand. 


11. Keyword repetition

Keyword phrase repetition is important for your content. Make sure it's featured in the first one to two text paragraphs of your content.  This also has to be done strategically to see results.


12. Link text and keyword phrases

All your link text should also be directly related to your keyword phrases, as search engine will use them to rank those keywords in the future. See some examples


13. Blog optimization

Blog post optimization should be done strategically by optimizing the post Title Tag independently from your blog title. 


14. Different forms of keywords

Use different forms of keyword phrases in your content. This is also called STEMMING. This can help you improve your writing quality for reading while optimizing your websites for those keywords.

An example; Using "Fly and flying"  "nice car and nice cars" etc. Also use synonyms for your keywords and phrases.


15. External links

Linking to sites from your site is good but don't get too excited and fill up your pages with external links. With a lot of external links, you run the risk of having broken links within your pages which can drastically draw down your site page in ranking. Be careful with external links


16. Few clicks around to pages

Fewer clicks to relevant pages within your website the better for your users. Make your site easy to navigate with a few clicks to what your audience is looking for on your pages. 


17. Never I repeat, Never Buy Links

Never pay a penny for any inbound links. Paid links crucify your website in the long run and search engines like Google will catch on and penalize your website.

Don't make the mistake by being tempted to accept worthless quantity over quality inbound links. 


18. Treat SEO  like food

Treat SEO like food for your site. It can't be done once and forgotten. As you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure your site is also doing the same. If not make sure to put that on your shopping list. 


19. Check Hosting service for spammers

Make sure your hosting service doesn't allow spammers. Check their policy and there should be something in their terms and conditions about malicious activity.

If their IP is blacklisted by search engines, you will be blacklisted right along with it, even if your site did nothing wrong to get affected.


20. Social Media is part of SEO

Social marketing is a big part of SEO. Use social media sites like; Facebook ( share content with others and build connections), Digg (for updated news), Yelp (for local business listings and reviews), Google + (For ranking locally on Google).

The more you understand how to use these sites, the better you will be able to compete in search marketing.


21. Say no to misspellings (We'll make them)

Avoid misspelling your keywords within your content. While misspelling won't affect your website search engine rankings - especially if you decide to use the misspelled version as your keyword phrase to optimize on.

It will hurt your credibility with your customers who read your content with numerous spelling errors.


21. Use video content

Use videos for marketing but not only Youtube. Submit your video content to sites like; Vimeo, MetaCafe etc. See more video sites here.

These videos also get crawls from Google, so make sure to optimize them with keyword phrases.


22. Optimize a few words per page

Do not optimize more the 2-4 keywords within your content. This will dilute your keywords an confuse search engines and readers who visit your pages. It's better to have multiple short pages on each topic at a time. it keeps your content clean and readable. 


23. Keep your URL short

Short URL's are better than long ones. Your url should be less than 15 words to make it effective. This is not a problem but search engines and readers will thank you for having a short easy domain name. 


24. Link less on the same site

Don't link to the same site using the same url multiple times without relevance. This is link spamming and search engine will only count  a few of these links to optimize your site. 

If this continues, your site might look like a spammer or in a cross-linking scheme. You want to avoid looking like you are paying for links in any way. 


25. Take care of Broken links

Broken links can affect your sites ranking on search engines. This tells search spiders, you don't maintain your site often. Use a Broken link checker from time to time to ensure your links are still live and well.



These SEO tips should be your bible to see if you are on the right track with optimizing your site.

As you can see, almost all the points are for on-site optimization because it's the first step to getting your site optimized before off-page optimization. If you find this interesting and helpful, please leave your thoughts in the comments area for discussions.

As a reminder, never pay a penny for any inbound links. Paid links crucify your website in the long run and search engines like Google will catch on and penalize your website. You can also get instant web traffic from; Traffic Masters


Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA. 

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