How To Create Your Website With This Checklist

How do you go about creating a proper website for your brand?

Creating a website can be stressful if you don't have a road-map, and that's just the beginning. If you already have an existing website, maintaining it on a daily base can be tedious.

Starting your project, is always the key - so don't hesitate or procrastinate. Take the lip and get going with your new website.  

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With all the tools and platforms at your disposal today, you can focus your time on creating a professional website that will look clean and welcoming to your potential customers. Make notes about structure and other features, so you can follow through with your project and meet deadlines. 

This guide will shine a light on what you can do today!


Why Do You Need A Website

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Will you site serve as an e-commerce store so you can sell items digitally?

Informative blog style website that need constant updates?  

Once you have answered these question then you are on to the real thing.


Company Domain Name & Hosting

domain hosting

Choose you Domain name and where you will like to host your new site. It's always good to stick with the same domain and host provider. When managing your website, this will save you time.


Professional Designer

professional website designer

There are platforms out there, where you can do-it-yourself. But these websites are very limited to their capacity if you intend on growing your website or business in the future. A professional will help you create a smooth silk site, for you.

This is helpful because it gives you the time to make changes without waiting long, have your site ready in less time and know you can always count on someone for adjustments and updates. Get more information on professional website designers.

Some platform we use include;


 Your Site Structure

website structure

How will you like your website structured. Make sure to account for every page and call-to-action, with the following guidelines.

  • Number of website pages
  • Amount of website storage
  • Video and/or audio players
  • Shopping cart
  • Tools such as online forms, blogs, customer reviews, maps, slideshows
  • Tech support
  • Links to or integration with social media
  • Mobile device optimization (so your website looks good on mobile devices)
  • Easy way to make content updates