Top 10 Google Ads Tips You Needed Yesterday

Starting with Google Ads, you will need time and patience to understand every terminology and structure. 

To help you get started with Google Ad campaigns, these will include knowing the functions of the new Google Ads features and many more. These tips can help beginners or someone who needs to brush up on their skills.

Here are my 10 Tips for Google Ads, to help you manage your campaigns.

Update: As of January 2017 companies will be able to increase the number of characters in their Adwords Campaigns. 

Your Ad Copy

1. There are so many metrics to follow

When optimizing your Google ads, you might focus on one metric to see if it's performing well. Don't get caught up doing this, you will not be able to follow through with accurate data analysis and enough information to optimize your campaign properly.

adwords - ad copy

For Example: If you place all your attention on click-through's - you will see ads that had the most clicks but not the best conversions. So getting it right is making sure you include all metric segments like:

  • Clicks

  • Cost per conversion

  • Conversion rate

  • Average conversion value

  • CTR

  • Conversions


2.  Optimized Landing Pages

Create landing pages that represent what your ad is offering. Once a user reads your ad copy and sees fit to click, they will be taken to your landing page. On your landing page, make sure to have  a form where you can collect leads and engage with potential customers. 

Example of an optimized landing page:

landing page


3. Call-To-Action Can't be forgotten

A Call-To-Action is a directive for a user to carry out. It's one of the most important terms in online marketing. Including a Call-To-Action can help your campaign determine if the user will click on your Ad or not depending on their needs. 

Why is this need?

  • This direct the user to carry out a specific action on your site

  • Users know what they are looking for on your website. So if they want info, it's unlikely they will click on an ad with "Order Now".


Some Examples:

  • Contact Us Today

  • Learn More

  • Buy Now

  • Call Today

  • Order Now

  • Get a Free Estimate




4. Long Tail keywords

Use long tail keywords to tailor your campaign toward only people who need your products or services can find them. This avoid your Ads being shown to people using a single keyword to find you. 


Example: "Black Tuxedo" is broad but "black tuxedo with bow tie" might work better for your business.


5. Negative Keywords

Do not ignore negative keywords when setting up your google Adwords campaign. Adding good negative keywords to your campaign is as important as your regular keywords being targeted. In some cases, google will provide you will search terms after your campaign has ran for more than 30 days.

negative keywords - backlinkfy

Find negative keywords in this list and also add targeted keywords to your campaign. 

Google Ads Campaign Structure

Making sure your Adwords campaign structure has a solid foundation is key to your success. You can structure your campaign however you like. But when you start adding more keywords and ad copies, things might spiral out of hand and you will wish you created an organized campaign from the get go. 

So make sure to start with the best Adwords campaign structure with this tips!


6. Keyword Themes

Every Google Ads campaign is made up of Ad groups that contain selected keywords and ads by you. In getting the best results from this is focusing your structure on themes.

A single product might have several keywords representing it, so you should never put keywords that have no resemblance in meaning within the same Ad group. The reason for this structure is because keywords might essentially mean the same thing, and people who are searching for them might have different search intentions.

See: Beginners Guide : Setup Facebook Ads In One Day

Adwords Settings

Your Ads settings dashboard has through a lot of changes over the years. Here are some important things to have in mind when adjusting your settings. 


7. Choose campaign types wisely - Search and Display

Don't mix your display and search campaigns. This two can't go well hand in hand since they vary on structure and settings.

google adwords campaign type

Always start with Search campaigns, since display campaigns are more of a push marketing strategy and require almost different ads and settings see results. 


8. Change keyword bids

You can change your settings on bids according to some factors in Adwords. Depending on what type of campaign you are running and what products you are advertising for- your ads might not sure up on some days and will affect your conversion rate.

adwords google-keyword bids-backlinkfy

Adjust the dynamic bid modifier once you have a full knowledge on optimizing your campaigns, and you will see that you are able to fix the conversion problem. 


9. Choose Targeted Location

You can set your ads to show up within a certain radius or broadly. If you own a local business, its better to set you location radius within 100 miles. This will help local visitors find your ad and take action. 

target location-adwords-backlinkfy


10. site should be Mobile Friendly

Today, almost everyone has a cellphone if not a smart phone. When running your ads, keep that in mind because even though Google Adwords has it has an independent setup - your ads still show on mobile devices for keywords within your campaigns.

google mobile friendly

If your website is not optimized for mobile you might be missing out on the action searchers will not stay on your page.   

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