Top 10 Time Tracking and Billing Software Solutions

When running a business with multiple task and assignments, not being able to delegate your work can be a mess. Now you can stop being messy and start being organized with this intuitive project management software tools.

All tools have been tested, so you can make the best possible choice for your business and with differences, you will be sure to choose the best fit for your tasks. 

Here are top 10 time tracking and billing solutions for your business, these software tools have been tested and rank 4.5 - 5/5 or 9.5 - 10/10 depending on the scale of measurement and usability.  

BQE Core - time tracking, billing, invoicing, project management

BQE Core software is an integrated powerful solution for Business automation, Time Tracking, Expense and Billing, Project Management and Accounting tool. It is designed to help your firm increase performance, streamline processes and make decisions faster. With different editions to choose from, it scales to meet the needs of any firm sizes or from a single person to a global firm. - Intelligent agile projectManagement is a web-based software for small and medium enterprises. focuses on time prediction of projects and budget estimation to help firms raise their efficiency. 

saydoc - share, track, and control your sales documents

Saydoc tool is the smartest way to share, track, and control your sales documents. Get notified when and how much time your recipients spent on each page of your sales collateral. With Saydoc real-time intelligence you can follow up when your document is top-of-mind. Analytics are broken down by Recipient name, time spent per page, phrases searched, physical location, devices used and much more. You can even set your document to self-destruct at a specific time or protect with login credentials. 

Kanban - Project management board tool

Kanban Software Tool is a web-based application for task management and sharing, based on a Kanban method. It allows clear visualization of tasks on a white-board, and uses automated work-in-progress limits to eliminate any wasteful multi-tasking. 

The basic functionality provides a simple and easy to implement improvement of any workflow, of monitoring the progress and team performance. It's also possible to build a more complex process in Kanban Tool, thanks to vast customization options and available additional features. 

sprintground - Intelligent task management and release planning for IT organizations and agile teams

SprintGround is a Task Management, Release Planning and Collaboration tool for Software Development teams and enthusiasts. It's a centralized platform to organize your IT development projects, coordinate work, track time, monitor progress and keep all team members up to date with email notifications and dashboards. - e-signatures

Concord Software is a free cloud-based contract life-cycle management solution that’s changing the way the world is creating, negotiating, signing, and managing contracts. Concord provides unlimited e-signatures and unlimited contract storage for an unlimited number of users in all types of businesses and industries, from freelancers to multinational corporations. 

agora - Everything that matters in one place

Agora Software is a file sharing and collaboration platform that makes Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box universal so you can get work done faster. We are bringing online editing, real-time collaboration, and seamless sharing to all the services we all already use. We are not a new cloud, we're simply making it easier to manage and work with your files in a single spot so you don't have to bounce back and forth between accounts to find or work with a file. We understand that working across locations, teams and applications, storing and sharing files becomes increasingly difficult and Agora solves that problem. 


Tsheets software is an Intuitive, easy to use time tracking solution with unlimited free phone or online support. Employees can track time anywhere using an Android or iOS mobile phone, computer, tablet, text, dial-in number and so much more with clock in/out punch card or manual timesheet flexibility. Managers can see who's working, where, on what projects - all in real time. Integrated with QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, Paychex and more, TSheets syncs up real timesheet data for faster, more accurate payroll, billing and invoicing.

Captio's business travel and expense management software solution enables companies and their employees an improved control of their expenses and the discovery of new savings opportunities.

Pipefy Software is a workflows & process management tool for startups. Pipefy helps stsrtups to organize and run their processes in one place, without the help of an IT guy or consultants. Free templates based on the best practices of A/B Testing, Agile Software Development, Bug Tracking, Content Marketing, B2B Sales Pipeline, Product Roadmap and others. Instead of running your operation with spreadsheets, forms or a patchwork of vertical software, you can keep everything organised and running in just one place with Pipefy. 

time Doctor software

Time Doctor is a time tracking and project management software that enables effective remote work and improves productivity in remote teams. They are able to communicate that to over 50 employees in more than 16 countries worldwide as well as the thousands of businesses around the world that now use Time Doctor every day.

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