Video Marketing; The Quickest Marketing Tool

Internet marketing has occupied our mindset to proceed faster and easier. Among all the marketing tools, video marketing has emerged its neck to be compatible with Google algorithm. In this digital era, most of the people spend their days online watching Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube etc. In order to reach more people, this is the perfect time to promote your business through video marketing.

Video marketing is found to be more successful as a marketing medium today, compared to other internet marketing strategies. Here is a short description of video marketing statistics and how it has increased over time. 

Today, 69% of people prefer watching a video than reading content regarding online services or products. 97% of consumers love to share a good clip through their website and on social media. 74% of people who watch videos buy the products or use services. 64% of marketers have started using video marketing as it helps with rapid sales within a short span of time. 

Have a glance at the infograph by  Take1 Transcription, providing stats on video marketing and how it is more effective in any search engine marketing strategy. Apart from these, the below infographic has shown the ideas of boosting your video marketing strategy and tips to have a high rank in Google search engine result.

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