Powerful Ways Heat Mapping Can Help To Boost Your Overall Conversion Rate

You probably already know how important SEO, or search engine optimization, is for your website's overall ranking in Google and other search engines. This helps fans and potential customers find your website much more easily, especially if you want them to buy products. Unfortunately, not all visitors to your website are instant customers. This is why it's important to boost your overall conversion rate - and heat mapping can help you to get the job done.

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If you employ the right strategy with these handy tips on heat mapping, then you could actually have a better view of your market. Understanding how potential customers work can give you an edge in your niche, and even potentially boost profits.

This makes heat mapping quite an important part of your marketing strategy, as it provides you one form of predictive mechanics to understand your viewers better. They may not be instant customers, but you can at least find ways to help ease them in the process.


Heat Mapping: The Basics

You may already have seen basic forms of heat mapping on your social media metrics or website statistics. However, heat mapping software can do all of this plus much more. In essence, heat mapping software can allow you to see and determine where people are actually clicking in your website and pages, what your visitors generally do, and where they are engaging the best.


Heat maps are usually available in three forms:

Attention/Eye Trackers are the kind of maps that identify what your visitors are generally looking at while browsing your website. It also identifies what parts of the pages they like or enjoy looking at. This can help you to determine which parts of the website are most effective at attracting the eye of potential customers.

Click Maps are the kind of maps that display what sort of things your visitors click on when visiting your website. This can also help you to identify if they're trying to click a part of the site they think is clickable or not. This is useful if you want to verify that they're actually browsing through your content.

Scroll Maps, meanwhile, identify just how far your visitors are scrolling within a website or a webpage. This helps you determine which parts of the website they are more focused on.

Given there are three kinds of heat maps, this means there are also three ways to help you assess the importance of your webpage to your viewers. Mixing and matching these heat maps can provide great statistics and metrics that could be of use to you.


How Heat Mapping Helps

Of course, given the various kinds of heat maps, you may already have some idea as to how these magnificent metrics can help you improve your website's ranking and your overall marketing strategy. Here are the best ways to use heat mapping software.

Troubleshooting your website can be accomplished better using heat maps. You can determine whether features are working or not on a certain page. This allows you to zero in on anything that you think should be fixed or should be removed.

Clickable and non-clickable content can be determined with heat maps. Sometimes, people have a tendency to click on things they think are links to other webpages. This is useful when it comes to content pages that you'd like to lead to other parts of your website, to a product, or to a service. Heat maps are also useful to determine if a clickable feature is actually accessible or not.

Aesthetics can be greatly improved when you use heat maps. You can use a heat map to track whether or not some elements in the page are turning off visitors, or if they can easily be removed due to them being distracting. This can help you clean the content of your webpages so they are more pleasing to your viewers.

On the same token, you can use heat maps to determine where information in your webpage should be placed. This allows you to prioritize key information that you think will be more useful for your visitors.


Heat mapping can be an integral part of improving your overall conversion rate, especially if you want your service or branding to be recognized by a larger audience. Although heat mapping can get tedious at times, it's an extremely essential part of your overall marketing process. By integrating heat mapping with your overall strategy, you might have a long-term method to gain customers consistently and improve your Web Marketing ROI.

James Spittal is the founder of Conversion Rate Optimisation and A/B testing obsessed digital marketing agency, Web Marketing ROI.. They help brands with high-traffic websites optimize their conversion rate using A/B testing and personalization.