5 Ways An eCommerce Platform Makes Your Online Business Improve

You have an online business and you still don't have a way of selling your products online and having your customers easily pay you. Then, you'll need to setup some eCommerce capabilities to get payment faster for your products. 


How eCommerce Platforms Make Your Online Business Improve

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Today, you can incorporate tools that will give you the capability of getting your products sold and having your customers pay on the same platform.  Here are some simple ways to integrate eCommerce using the right platform for your online business.



Find The Right ECommerce Platform

It's all about how you sell your products that matter. You can decide to build a new website from scratch, that might cost you thousands before you launch a single product or you can choose to go with an eCommerce platform that can get you going in a few days.

Some of the best eCommerce platforms include; BigCommerce and Shopify platforms. These eCommerce platforms offer built-in payment processing, inventory management, secure shopping features and many more ways to get your products sold online and on mobile devices.



Website And Product Copy

Your products need to have clear descriptions and pricing. Every copy you write should include targeted keywords for the specific product. Don't sale the products, simply provide a solutions and let your customer make the decision based on your sharing the value. Remember, your copy is your sales pitch - so make sure to answer the most FAQ's you get from potential buyers as to improve your product listings.



Easy and Effective Payment Options

You will want to sell your products instantly without any redirects to a payment page on a third party site. You'll want to make sure all payment gateways are included and dedicated to complete transactions on your website. Make sure you payment options can cover a vast number of customers as everyone has their own payment preferences.

If you offer credit card payment for products, also offer Paypal options for purchases. This will help you cover customers that will be willing to buy your products with a Paypal account. 



All Images Should Be In HD

Images tell a thousand words, so make them count. You product image should make the buyer connect with your products, even through they can't feel or touch it. With that said, most buyers place a level of trust on product images to justify their purchase.  To get the best results, make it a habit of using only high definition pictures of your products. If you have the option of uploading slideshow or optimized image viewer, make sure to have them organized. 



Use Platform Management Integrated Tools

Running an eCommerce site is no different from running a brick and mortar store, the only difference is focusing on different users and how they purchase you products. The good part about having an eCommerce store is the help you get with integrated management tools that come with most platforms. 

Examples include; Tracking your purchases live and being able to offer confirmations instantly, Seeing what you have in stock through inventory solutions and replenishing your inventory, doing your accounting with direct integration to your product inventory, sales and marketing all in one place. 


The right eCommerce platform makes all the difference for your business. Choose the right solution and start implementing new ways to improve your online business today!

Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of backlinkfy.com and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.