2 Actions Leaders Should Take To Enhance Their Business Models

2 Actions Leaders Should Take To Enhance Their Business Models.jpg

What makes one business tick?

The general belief is that successful businesses have some kind of secret that made them skyrocket overnight. Companies are not born under a lucky star; people who built them from scratch invested serious work in coming up with an idea, developing a business model, and actually going through with making it a reality.

So, instead of thinking about how some people are luckier than you are because their business is getting more and more popular, while yours is in the stage of stagnation, you should set your mind to another frequency and think about possible enhancements.

For the purpose of making your company a trustworthy brand in the eyes of the public, an amazing office to work in, and a prospering business, you should pay special attention to the following two aspects.


Improve Internal Organization: Encourage Team Spirit

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Every problem that a contemporary business might be dealing with derives from poor communication. A very significant number of business (the size of which isn’t a factor) went bankrupt just because not enough attention was devoted to internal organization.

Once your management team puts a project into duration, a million small activities needs to take course so that every party included is satisfied with the final result. This implies that:

  • You need to be on the same page with your stakeholders.
  • Your management team needs to be capable of handling and juggling projects.
  • Your employees need to understand what exactly is asked from them.

So that all this is possible, it’s necessary that you establish fluent communication. What happens in most companies is that communication has only one way and that’s mostly about delegating instructions further up until they reach employees in charge of the actual tasks.

Considering the fact that the worker bees in your company are actually what makes your business model function, it’s vital for the future success of your projects to give them a say. The thing is that they best understand how to deal with and accomplish a certain activity, which is why your worker bees can provide you with very useful insights.

For this to take course, for your whole team to start communicating, it is mandatory that you change the way things are being done in your office. You’ll be able to achieve this if you provide them with the means to build powerful team spirit and encourage collaboration between different departments.

You’ll be able to find out more about how to unite your team on http://www.themanager.org/2015/06/build-team-spirit/ – it’s an excellent source with useful tips.

In case your team is scattered on different locations, you should check out https://hbr.org/2014/12/getting-virtual-teams-right and learn how to connect your employees.


Increase Outgoing Communication: Talk to Your Customers

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Your business is in a relationship with your customers. Look at the situation this way; they are a pure ten in the world of dating, while you’re a solid six that was given a chance. So – you need to prove yourself, because otherwise you can be sure that your customer will go straight to your competition and forget all about your existence.

What your audience needs in order to stick around is high quality treatment. As an aspiring business, you need to show them what makes your company better than an ocean of similar ones. Chances are that you and your competitors supply the market with an offer that’s similar, so you need to make an extra effort and attract your customers based on the “kill them with kindness” principle.

For your business to be trustworthy in the eyes of your customers, you’ll need to:

  • Train your team and create capable agents.
  • Equip your office with a powerful piece of software.
  • Invest continues effort into your customer relationship.

First of all, you can’t expect from your agents to satisfy you with their performance if they are not properly trained. So this is your starting point – you need to provide your employees with the right education in theory and practice so they can meet your expectations.

Furthermore, your agents need a suitable tool which will provide them with the means to do their job in accordance with the contemporary criteria. This implies that your office needs a piece of software that will enable you to:

  • Build individual customer profiles.
  • Archive conversation histories.
  • Create a notification system.

Obviously, you will need powerful Customer Relationship Management software that can withhold all information relevant to your business. In order to find out more about CRMs and what to expect of them, you should see - What is a CRM

And finally, you need to be aware of the fact that this kind of behavior that will gain and retain customers shouldn’t be temporary. Right on the contrary – you should keep yourself updated on the subject and look for new ways to improve your customer relations.

These two aspects are not a revelation – they are the most important parts of any business model which is in the sales business niche. Both of them need to be in motion at all times if you want for your company to have a better future.

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