5 Steps: How To Craft A Digital Marketing Funnel That Works

A digital marketing funnel is a marketing method where you are continuously supplying new leads into your business pipeline, to eventually develop a business relationship or sale with the potential customer.  

To better understand a digital marketing funnel, an upside down pyramid will be a great example of how it should look like visually. As you will find out, there are are a lot of moving pieces that will be involve in setting up the right digital marketing funnel. 

How To Plan Your Digital Marketing Funnel

digital marketing Funnel.jpg

1. Website Structure And Design

digital marketing Funnel - website struture.png

You will need to get your site ready for lead collection. Connecting with your potential audience is key, while understanding why they are actually on your site. Are you providing useful information that can help your customers understand and solve a problem? This will be of essence to get your regular engage users to become customers over time. 


2. Create A Lead Capture Form

digital marketing Funnel - Lead capture form.png

With many form creation and embedding software solutions today. You can easily create a lead capture form and landing page, where you will drive your traffic to. So how do you collect this data? Your form should have at least a Name, email or a way for a potential customer to signup for an account. 


3. Executing Your Lead Acquisition Approach

digital marketing Funnel - lead-generation-strategies.png

This is where you'll need to start gathering potential customers. First, make sure to research and choose 3 to 6 strategies to use for your targeted niche. Second, use social media outlets like; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to attract targeted users based on interest. Then start creating Blog posts, get your SEO in motion, run pay per click ads and use content marketing. 


4. Define Your Product/Service Angle

This is where you give an offer or incentive for signups. You can offer coupons for your products or services, create an instructional video that can be viewed only after a form has been completed, problem-solving content, free trial account and much more. 


5. Your Digital Marketing End Goal

After you've completed your campaigns, what will you like to see as a result of your efforts? Did you collect the data needed? how will you use this data?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll have a better idea of what worked and was sucked. From the information, you can start refining your strategy and optimize your campaign accordingly. 



Always know that the ratio of leads to customers is going to be quite small. But if you generate thousands of visitors to your website everyday, you'll only need a tiny percentage of them to buy your products or service or fill out a lead form for your marketing funnel, making your digital marketing funnel a success. Don't end your strategies with just the once you've mastered, start researching and try new lead generation methods and always make sure to have all method in-sync.