Life Hacks: 10 Principles of Entrepreneurship and Personal Success

As an entrepreneur or any small business owner, your principle for success is directly related to respecting yourself and when doing business - respect for your investors (if you have any), employees and customers who contribute to the ultimate goal of your company. As you create and fail, succeed and repeat, another way to keep the fire burning is be persistent.

Being persistent in taking on your job head on and navigating through the hot and cold waters is key to being constantly successful, even if you feel like you failed sometimes. You can be the smartest and most knowledgeable human being in the room, but without persistence - your just the other guy.

Learn from people you admire, people who have created things you'll one day want to emulate. Today's top entrepreneurs and experts all agree, startups fail because they gave up too early. But how do you know if its too early, since it might be months or even years before you see returns?

The simple answer - Most entrepreneurs simply don't have the will power to keep pushing through the crazy weather of entrepreneurship.

The simple way to see this problem lies with the individual and it's directly related to not being able to keep a job. If you can't keep your desk job at the company you so much want to leave, what makes you think you'll be able to sustain a startup with much more higher demand for your time and financial strain. Ignoring this set of discipline in both will have the same negative consequences because you lose site of your goals and quit when it gets hard. 

If you think being an entrepreneur will solve the immediate problems your facing, then think again. Living the startup lifestyle can be challenging and rewarding but stressful (Why rewarding but stressful), because you'll certainly be working through your life goals and business goals all in one pot. 

Lets put movies and books that portray the later success stages of entrepreneurship aside. In the world you navigate every day, you'll find out that successful entrepreneurs can sometimes feel like a failure due to the life they have become accustomed to. It becomes difficult to reward yourself for all the hard work, because you are mostly never satisfied. (This should give you the drive to keep going).

A clear example will be your company growing rapidly with new customers and revenue, but on the other hand you barely have time to spend with your family thus, your constantly agitated and stressed. You become so stressed that it takes a toll on your health, you take no vacations and breaks for months or even years, you miss out on occasions and events you used to attend.

Any entrepreneur will say, maintaining a work and life balance is one of the toughest things to do if you really want to be success. To put this into practice and make it simpler for your future growth, you'll need your personal life success to move your business principles, not your business success. Here are some key points:


1. Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strength: 

Having a product doesn't necessarily mean you are a business. Today, if you have a product and can't open up to getting help creating a business because you think you can navigate everything on your own; you and your business to be will end up going through some trauma as your health and business might not align well. When you need help, seek it and allow the process to flourish. 


2. Learn, Believe and Grow Personally:

As things evolve, so should you. As an entrepreneur, the world around you changes rapidly and you'll need to adapt. Never stop seeking to learn new ideas or strategies, believe in your process and execute, grow your skills and knowledge by being open to new ways of doing things. As you run your business, there are unchanging factors that will push your further or backwards. Let setbacks and challenges be seen as a way to improve and not failures. To successfully solve a problem should be part of your entrepreneurial journey.


3. Align Your Purpose and Personal Goals At The Beginning:

Your purpose for starting a business, should be directly align with your personal goals. Let your personal goals move your business efforts. You'll never be satisfied if you're not fully true to your personal beliefs, personal interests and defined purpose. Challenge your self by jotting down goals, and then executing these goals to fill your personal satisfaction. In doing this, you are indirectly achieving your business goals as it becomes a routine. 


4. Be True To Who You Are: 

Staying true to yourself will go a long way in business. Don't compromise your health and family life for your business life. Make sure to keep your doctor's appointments, exercise routinely, take your family out on dates and spend more time at home. Life is too short to miss this little moments.   


5. Let Your Long-term Goals Become Short-term Goals:

It's good to create long-term durable goals. When you create these goals, shoot for having them reached early on before the deadlines set by you. In doing this over time, you realize that your long-term goals will become your short-term goals and will increase your productivity over time.

Rather than dreaming, start early in putting your goals together and executing them to reach milestones you can measure as you progress. After completing these goals you will feel a sense of satisfaction and growth. 


6. Learn To Become A Great Leader:

Leadership to most people is like taking on responsibility with no window on when to fold. In order to be success at leading, you must start learning how to be a visionary and have the courage to image a process that will bring in a positive outcome, even if it takes some time to manifest. You will need to have people's skills and communicate with clear signals on the direction you want things to go for your business. To be a leader you can effectively start by learning from other success leaders in your industry. 


7. Credit Team Success Both At Work and Home:

If you can't keep it together at home, it'll be equally as difficult to keep it going at work. Since being an entrepreneur is never a one man party, you'll have to enthusiastically credit your team that contributes in supporting and elevating your weak points. A great motivated team or family getting the credit can personally satisfy you and your business. Keep your team happy and your business exciting, with these approach - you'll cover both your personal success and family life success. 


8. Hire Amazing Managers For Your Company:

In almost any successful company, there are amazing managers who execute and reach the business goals. Carefully study how to find, interview, hire, manage and supervise people who will contribute in building your business every day and will account for the company's overall strategy. 


9. Customer Services Should Be Paramount:

Your customer service support system can be the key to more customers and referrals. Focus on making this a central piece of your business. Keep your competitors at bay by taking better care of your customers than they does.


10. Life Balance and Greatness:

Having a balanced life is key to success and greatness. Make sure to spend quality time with your love ones, exercise, develop other personal activities like; camping. Get up every morning and set clear goals for your life be it business or personal and then tackle your tasks until you reach the goals you set forth.  

Change is practice over time until it becomes a habit, so change for the better and watch your life grow into different heights you could only dream of reaching. By following these principles, even if you decide to follow one, you'll be moving in the right direction. 

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