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  • Blog: You can find a masonry style  blog that presents tips and resources in a sleek drop down flow. 
  • Tips & Ideas: This section is broken down into 6 resource categories.


Entrepreneurship -  Journey and Life Hacks That Lead To Success.

 SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tips and Strategies.

 Paid Search - Adwords Tips and Strategies.

 Social Media - Social Media Advertising Tips and Strategies.

 Marketing Tips - Digital Marketing Tips For Startups and Small Businesses.

 Software Resources - Find or List Your SaaS Tool

  • Partners: You can find our partners, the people who trust and value us. Some partners include;


Shopify - Create Your Store and Drive Traffic with Facebook ads.

We have put together a plan for you, this plan can help you start your online store in a day. Watch our 20 courses on Shopify and Facebook ads. These videos will help you get started with your online store and how to advertise your products and services on Facebook. 

BlueHost - A Revolutionary Cloud Web Hosting.

This hosting platform can get your dream domain name in seconds and for far less than the other hosting services out there. It only takes searching for the domain you want and making sure its yours in no time.

Drip - Turn More Email Contacts Into Customers With Marketing Automation.

This tool can help you keep all your contact in one place for marketing. Your email contacts get place in a funnel and your content segmented in different steps for your keep your potential customers informed before they actually buy your product. 

AWeber - Email Marketing Automates Your Business.

When you know you need a newsletter or an email ad campaign, then you'll need AWeber. This tool will help you get your newsletters scheduled for delivery and will always make sure your audience is informed.

TemplateMonster - The Biggest Collection of Website Templates Online.

You want a website but development cost is off the roof? It gets easier from here on. TemplateMonster has a huge inventory of website templates that can get you started in a matter of minutes. You need an online business Live in a few days! then this should be your go to location. 

  • Services: We provide custom services on a fix rate - based on your project.


You can find;

PR distribution - 24/7 Press Release Distribution Service Worldwide. Backlinkfy has exclusive partnerships with newswires and other well known media sites that will publish your PR article. With a network of over 2000+ news outlets, we can get your PR distributed in no time.

Next you need to make a major announcement, use our PR distribution services and get the news out to a vast audience. You will receive a complete report of your PR within 2 business days of submission. 


SEO campaigns - SEO Campaign by Inbound Marketing Expert. Our SEO strategies are next to none. We have helped over 150 Startups with tasks that have grown their audience and generated leads based on their preferred keywords or keywords properly research by a Backlinkfy expert.

As SEO keeps evolving, we focus on quality content and link building that drives traffic from high pr sites only. For best results, you will need to apply SEO strategies for 3-6 months.

Remember SEO is a continues process and there is no way  of magically making a site rank on the 1st page of Google without providing valuable content that content with a specific audience and can also solve a problem. 


Adwords & Bing Ads - Experts Can Help Optimize Your Campaign. How's you ppc performing these days?

We have partnered with Certified experts that will build targeted campaigns for your business maximizing your ROI and make sure you are getting Marketing Quality Leads (MQL's) from your ads. 


Custom & CMS Web Design - Create A New Custom or CMS Website. We have partnered with dedicated website designers and developers that will get your website running in 15-30 days.

We have also partnered with well established sites like Shopify, BlueHost and TemplateMonster. These sites can get you running an online business in minutes not days. 


Submit Startup - Startup SaaS Directory Submission and Review Sites.

We have a well researched and established network of SaaS and local business directions that can give you the visibility needed to be found online. Get ahead of the competition and be where your audience will be. 


Social Media Marketing - Social Media Marketing & Strategy.

We have partner with a network of  social media experts who will work with you to research, analyze and implement social media campaigns that will help you attract the right target audience for your product or services. Backlinkfy focuses on 60% Facebook Ads and 40% other social sites. 


Advertising on Backlinkfy -  Ad space on any blog and Sponsored Post. All pages advertised in articles and sponsored post get shared in our weekly newsletter of 6000+ subscribers.