Top Pay Per Click Software Tools To Elevate Your Digital Campaigns

Starting in 2018, professional marketers will need software tools to get their campaigns flowing in a positive direction. Having the right Pay Per Click software will save you a whole lot of time, strategy implementation, inspire you, give you less complicated reports on how your campaigns are performing and the grand price - generating more leads and revenue for your business.

All the software tools you'll find on this list, have been used by me in some form or another and have a valuable proposition to them. These are all time-saving PPC tools that provide insights into all the campaigns you'll wish to run and how to better optimize them for improved performance. No matter what type of digital marketing campaigns you run, you'll come across these tools eventually. 

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PPC Management Tools


AdWords Editor

Adwords editor

Having multiple campaigns running simultaneously can be overwhelming, so how do you manage these campaigns without losing you mind?

Adwords editor, you can manage campaigns across multiple accounts in Google Adwords controlled by you. Use this tool for bulk editing campaigns, and optimizations on every level of the campaigns. You can download it onto your computer and integrate all your Adwords campaigns in one place. 


Bing Ads Editor

bing ads editor

Just like Adwords, if you manage multiple campaigns - its time to step it up with Bing Ads Editor. An all-in-one solution for managing your Bing Ad Campaigns in bulk and optimizing the campaigns based on various options available. 


Keyword and Competitor Research Tools




Spyfu comes with features other tools don't have. You can download all of your competitors’ keywords in one file. Information is easily available through a clean interface. 


Google Keyword Planner

adwords keyword planner.JPG

Google keyword planner is a build-in feature of Adwords you can use for keyword research. You can also use it to see what organic keywords have a chance to boost your search engine optimization efforts. 




These are a combination of tools that give you an idea of how campaigns are performing along with suggestions on how to improve performance if lagging. There are also free tools to grade your AdWords and Bing campaign performance, including landing page performance. 




 This tool helps you manage your PPC campaigns more effectively with a specific feature called " One Click Optimization". Using this feature wisely, you can automate the time consuming process of optimizing your ads, which is usually repetitive in some cases. Using a single click, you can optimize your campaigns, but you'll need follow rules as not to burn through your budget with no conversions.


Pay Per Click Tools For Landing Pages




A simple landing page builder, as well as dozens of landing page and mini-site templates to choose from when setting up your advertising campaigns. Potential customers can interact with the pages by; filling our a form, downloading white papers, contact your business and other lead generation techniques you use. 




Using Instapage is very easy. You design the landing page to fit your campaigns, include call to action buttons and link you page to the campaign you are running.

As you research these tools, we will like to know what type of help you'll need with your pay per click campaigns, please let us know how we can help!


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